Portsmouth (H) Tue 12th Mar, 7.45pm


Probably best that there’s no Cook in the squad as he is still suspended


It’s the 3rd game of his ban … :wink:


Sorry folks thought he’d served his time, getting too old for all this.


Think he would have been a useful sub


You are not old.
You are Ancient :joy:


Believe we can win this one especially as Portsmouth do not appear to be firing on all cylinders. Walsall over the years always appeared to play better against those teams above them in the table than those below. We will see if this continues tonight.


Scunthorpe Utd 0 Southend Utd 1 (4 min)

Charlton Athletic 1 Burton Albion 0

Coventry City 1 Fleetwood Town 0


Fast start from both sides

We seem to have found another gear in the last 3 weeks


Portsmouth penalty, 12 minutes … and converted - Saddlers 0 Pompey 1


Ferrier gave it away with a stupid push apparently.

Pompey been playing with 10 men last five minutes.


Ferrier you ■■■■■■■ idiot

Absolutely ridiculous push


Ferrier is thick.


Ferrier - what a moron


Plymouth Argyle 1 Sloppies 0 (13 min)


Oh sard, how poor way to concede a penalty. Nearly 80 minutes left to make something positive now.


Some good news at least.


Ferrier will be a liability if we’re not careful

Lazy too which is why many get on his back


Bradford City 0 Luton Town 1 (17 min)

Charlton Athletic 1 Burton Albion 1

Scunthorpe Utd 1 Southend Utd 1

Wycombe Wanderers 1 Accrington Stanley 0

Portsmouth yellow card, 17 min (Clarke, foul on Kinsella)


Meanwhile, Pompey go 0-2 ahead!!!


0-2. Omar Bogle.