Portsmouth (H) Tue 12th Mar, 7.45pm


He needs more of a run out in games


Agree about Devlin…excellent tonight and for the past few weeks.


Doesn’t matter who we are playing or what position we are in we should always start on the front foot at home ( which we rarely do ) why do we allow teams onto us (with our defensive record) and usually give goals away before we wake up. Only devlin,Dobson and blackett Taylor come away with any credit for me tonight.


That was a good performance against a solid league one side but they weren’t a great side and they looked a side that could be beaten. I worry that Keates will see this as a loss and rip up everything we’ve achieved in the last few games and start again with 4-4-2.

Dobson read the game well again and was a good shout for MOM. Gordon ran his sock off again and was a constant menace. I think Kinsella, Edwards and Zeli all looked a little leggy today, didn’t have bad games but didn’t play with the same zip either.

Ferrier is not a winger at all and as much as Kettle got wrong all game, the penalty wasn’t one of them. Thompson did want to go down if anyone was in his proximity but Ferrier presented him the perfect chance to do so in the box.

The less said about Scarr the better, his body angle was all wrong and he was never going to win the foot race, fair play to Bogle for getting that in from there because Roberts closed down all his angles.

We were left chasing the game and I’m not really going to say much about the 3rd, we got caught trying to press for a goal, we were taking the risks to be exposed on the breaks and I would expect that from a losing side.

Kettle is the worst ref I’ve ever seen, Gordon was booked for arguing that he’d been pulled down numerous times, Ferrier because their player was hanging on to the ball but the attempted rugby tackle on Devlin by Pitman and Bogle charging the keeper from a goal kick weren’t. What a t**t.

Blackett-Taylor needed to come on for Ferrier at half time to give us a boost. Then if we planned to go to 4-4-2 as we did late on in the game then still had the option of Oteh to come on, it was frustrating that he didn’t move to change the game.


The gamesmanship by Portsmouth was so annoying , every time any of their forwards got touched they went down like a sack of spuds , and that useless ■■■■ Kettle fell for it every single time .

Tempers were getting raised in the crowd with his stupid bookings and his general handling of the game .


At least he knows what to do with a “humped” ball Chunk,on Saturday every time the keeper kicked the ball against Fleetwood,all the players stood in an area about the size of the centre circle,and not one of them won a header,they are food and drink to Cookie.


Worst ref I have seen for a long time . ■■■■■■


Blackett-Taylor and Oteh should be getting more game time from the little chances they’ve had on the pitch so far they have looked impressive .
Why bring these players in on loan and then sit them on the bench all the time , are they not supposed to be better players than we already have ?


I don’t know what the answer is then mate? i just know that as good a player cookie is, we seemed to play a better system without him, and we were getting better results, maybe he could still play in the present system but without the humph ball


Thats exactly what DK should try in my mind , keep playing the way we are but bring Cook in


Agreed mate, Blackett-Taylor did really well tonight but he needed to be bought on in the 4-5-1 formation so that he had less responsibility defensively and was just needed to pick the ball up and run at people.

Oteh would have looked lively up front with Gordon for 25 mins instead of the 5 he had on the right of midfield.

Keates didn’t get the subs right tonight.


After tonight,maybe we should play Guthrie up front on Saturday…:smile:


It wasn’t a good performance for me . We had better second half . But even that was hardly edge of your seat stuff . First half no chances. Not good enough. Ferrier had a terrible game . Zeli lost interest probably thinking about his next career move and scarr was terrible in possession.


If they change it back to lumping it up front again he may as well play up there , with everyone else for that matter .

Please oh please don’t let us go back to that hit and hope , it’s like watching school kids again , ■■■■ poor , and not entertaining one jot


Scarr is always terrible in possession.

I think they were a solid well organised side. What I would expect from a Jackett team and they made it difficult for us.

We made stupid mistakes but generally of late look more solid and play more fluid football.

I just want Keates to build on this rather than thinking he needs to start again.


Just pisses me off mate how we always start slowly and never go at teams at home from the off . Get the crowd behind them. Instead of letting teams settle. Good performances against Bradford and fleetwood but both teams were better than us first half in all honesty.


I’ve always felt like we’ve tried to ease our way into games and make sure we’re solid first and foremost but we threw that all away tonight.

We seem to then grow into the game.


Away from home yes not at home if you want to generate an atmosphere and get more supporters coming through the turnstiles.




That’s a fair point mate