Portsmouth (H) Tue 12th Mar, 7.45pm


I completely agree.


Hard to find words to describe this game. Mistakes, good comeback, but not completely, but mistakes. Another day it could be at least draw, but when you lost two goals in first 25 minutes, it’s difficult to return. Nine games to go, ten points to get. It’s doable, but why it has to be so difficult.


Our defending for most of that game was schoolboy.
We just stand by off and let people play.
The distribution from Scarr and Guthrie is so bad it kills us

What did Keates wait until we were 3 down the change it, we were crying out for some pace and direct running


Agree - can’t give goals away that easily to a team like Pompey

Lack of discipline will be costly in the run in - needs fixing and fast


Good effort and matched them for much of the game but Pompey have some decent players and looked as though they’d put recent difficulties behind them.

Zeli had a good game. Blackett - Taylor caused them problems.

Cook back in for Ferrier on Saturday i think.


Cook has got to come back against Sunderland…replacing any of the strikers.


It wouldn’t worry me if Ferrier didnt start another game this season. He only got back in because of Cookies indiscretions


Careful with the liberal use of the word strikers Sid! :roll_eyes:


If that is a typical example of WM commentary on a Walsall game, then I do not want to hear one again any time soon.
Mike Taylor so obviously wished that he was anywhere else but at the Bankssss.
Bench Ferrier for Saturday please.
Shame Zeli reverted to his usual self in the 2nd half.
Decent performance, let down by some amateurish moments.


but would that mean reverting to the humph ball to him all the while?


WM have absolutely NO interest in WFC unless there’s something good happening…

They have coverage either because they are contractually obliged too or the other teams around us aren’t playing.

I would rather have my toe nails pulled out than listen to that drivel


who are this WM you are all talking about? :wink:


It was like listening to a couple of blokes having a chat down the pub with the football on in the background. I muted it after half an hour.

Why do they provide the commentary on ifollow anyway?


But it wasn’t even easy goals. First needless foul, why? I have no idea what Ferrier thought before. Second ball had touched ground three times, defenders were ball watching. I suppose it bounced fantastical, but I would expect something more from them. Mistakes, very easy to prevent, but it cost the game. Third goal was something more usual, what could be expected. But still, no mistakes, no third goal.


Should of changed it on the hour


I presume it’s the audio commentary that goes out with the pictures. I only listen but that was much poorer than the normal pairing on ifollow. There were too many times when they were just ignoring what was going on on the pitch.


No need for wholesale changes after that. Absolute stupidity from Ferrier for the penalty and the second was just a complete ■■■■ up.
Taylor offered more in 20 mins than Ferrier has in 2 games. He’s not a winger.

Thought the team spirit was still good even at 0-3 and the fans appreciated the effort from the lads.


Roberts barely tested all game and here we are punished for three mistakes against a team that looked pretty average. Ridiculous from Ferrier and that set the tone.


Disappointing but not a disaster in my view. We gave them a 2 goal start and competed well. We missed Cook tonight as their defence looked weak in the air and we put in some good crosses. I fear for us on Saturday though but the Barnsley match becomes the key match in this sequence.


We looked the better side for most of the game, but that was probably down to Pompy not really having to take the game to us given the way we handed them
two goals on a plate. There were some real positives to take from that game though.

Dobson looked more like the player from our first ten games and won plenty of the ball in midfield. Gordon led the line really well again in the second half without ever really having a chance at goal. Zeli has the beating of his man for the majority of the game, it’ll be a real blow if he’s got a knock.

The biggest plus for me though was Nicky Devlin. Since Cameron Norman came in ( and got dropped) Devlin has been excellent. He’s always a threat going forward, but he’s improved a lot defensively. The jury is still out a to whether of not he’ll be offered a contract, but he’s certainly not doing his chances any harm at present