Predict the League 19/20 Update One

We’re now 8 league games into what is proving to be a painful season in League Two and with regards to the ‘Predict the League’ competition, 2 of the 17 questions have now been answered.

First team to change their manager:
Macclesfield Town
Correct Answers - 1: Rob Harv3y

Team to go longest unbeaten in the league from the start of the season:
Exeter City
Correct Answers - 0

The league table looks like this:

  1. Rob Harv3y - 2 points
  2. The remaining 20 participants - 0 points

Something of a familiar feel. :smirk:

Bow down peasants


Now now not too cocky @RobHarv3y :wink:

Sorry, who are you again? :joy::joy:

Gotta enjoy it whilst it lasts, cuz I won’t finish too that’s for sure :joy:


Just be ready for the abuse, the trolling, the threats and the jealous sneering- and that’s just the mods.