Prediction League 1: 2018-19 Week 21 (Sat 8th Dec)

Games for next Saturday after today’s break for the FA Cup.
All games are 3pm kick offs

Saturday 8th December
Accrington Stanley v Sunderland
AFC Wimbledon v Rochdale
Blackpool v Charlton Athletic
Bristol Rovers v Doncaster Rovers
Burton Albion v Shrewsbury Town
Luton Town v Fleetwood Town
Peterborough United v Oxford United
Plymouth Argyle v Bradford City
Portsmouth v Southend United
Scunthorpe United v Gillingham
Walsall v Coventry City
Wycombe Wanderers v Barnsley

Scunthorpe United 0 - 2 Gillingham
Walsall 2 - 1 Coventry City
Wycombe Wanderers 0 - 2 Barnsley

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See i get it , you low life son’s of bitches … you just all hold back , and just wait till i put my prediction’s in , and then … and then … and then you just put something completetly different , i know the tactic’s …if this is what it take’s to climb the table i’m not sure i want to play anymore …


Luton Town 3 v 1 Fleetwood Town
Peterborough United 2 v 1 Oxford United
Portsmouth 2 v 1 Southend United

Burton 2 Shrewsbury 1
Luton 3 Fleetwood 0
Wycombe 0 Barnsley 1

Accrington 1 - 3 Sunderland
Luton 3 - 1 Fleetwood
Portsmouth 2 - 0 Southend

Accrington 1-2 sunderland
Luton 2-0 Fleetwood
Wycombe 0-2 barnsley

Here’s a tip. Try to pick more home bankers!

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Don’t listen to him! Exile’s prediction performance is absolutely rotten. :smile:

If you want my advice, just have a look at what Manchester and Saddla have come up with and use their issuances as ‘inspiration’ for your own.

When people suggest any kind of plagiarism, simply feign ignorance and ignore them.


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But not AS bad as mine :rofl:

mmm… don’t know who to trust now …feel like there’s a conspracy


Accrington Stanley 1-2 Sunderland

Luton Town 2-1 Fleetwood Town

Portsmouth 2-0 Southend United

Accrington Stanley v Sunderland…1-2

Burton Albion v Shrewsbury Town…1-1

Portsmouth v Southend United…2-0

Bristol R 1 v 1 Doncaster
Burton 2 v 1 Shrewsbury
Portsmouth 3 v 0 Southend.

Accrington Stanley 0 v 3 Sunderland
Blackpool 1 v 2 Charlton Athletic
Plymouth Argyle 2 v 0 Bradford City

Luton Town v Fleetwood Town 3-1

Peterborough United v Oxford United 2-0

Portsmouth v Southend United 2-1

Burton 1-2 Shrewsbury
Luton 3-0 Fleetwood
Portsmouth 3-1 Southend

Accrington 1 Sunderland 2
Luton 2 Fleetwood 1
Portsmouth 1 Southend 0

Holding up the table with @RedandWhite

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Thank’s for that :disappointed: …not sure if that’s your own disappointment showing or just another cloaked ■■■■ take …:rofl:

I think we are equally bad at this!

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Luton Town 2 Fleetwood Town 1

Peterborough United 2 Oxford United 1

Portsmouth 2 Southend United 1