Prediction League 2: 2020-21 Table

I’m getting the single mom earning £1400 daily working from home.

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Swap you?

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I got chick with a ■■■■ :flushed:

Yeah but what advert have you got?


I’m being told to invest $250 with Amazon to get a second income. Must think that me bring top of the table is worth something… :crazy_face:

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I’m clutching at straws a little here JJ, but shouldn’t I get a point for Bolton beating Stevenage?

Yes, you are absolutely right! My bad, I was doing it while working and trying to be quick! I will add the point on after Tuesday’s games!:+1:

Thanks JJ that’ll be my first point in ages…

JJ shouldn’t I just have more points , please check cause I’m clutching at straws because I’m sure I must have more than the ■■■■ poor amount I’ve got … :grimacing:

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Well, I’ve outgrown the “16 point gang” :sunglasses:


No need to rub it in Prof …

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You’re now level with perennial second columnist @matt_saddlesore, who I notice is conspicuous in his silence.

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Is he still playing @Exile?

i just presumed he’d given in already!?

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3 weekly wins, yet ‘only’ 12th in the table? So that must mean when I’m good I’m good, but when I’m bad I’m absolutely crap!! :rofl:

Just like Walsall - apart from the “when I’m good” bit obviously


Updated table after last night. Steady scoring with nothing outrageous!
The winning score was 4 points, achieved by chunkster, RedandWhite, reedswoodsadler, ProfessorPeach and stig231 - well done to you all.

A bit of movement but it is all very tight, as has been the case this season. Weekend off again this coming weekend with the FA Cup games, so back again next Tuesday - the thread is up and running.


Updated table after the midweek games. Not fantastic scoring to be honest, and more depression at the Bezzla, other than the fact that Flash was back! The winning score was 3 points, achieved by Morty (who is on a great run of form!), SidSwifty and NorthwichSaddler - well done all!

Make sure you get your predictions in for tomorrow’s games, all to play for in the congested table!


I am quite pleased with that as my points scoring was abysmal :see_no_evil:

Still in the top 3 after twice optimistically predicting wins for the Super Saddlers and being generally hopeless!
The competition must be pretty rubbish this season.

Heading in the right direction! :grinning: