Prediction League 2: 2021-22 Table

Here is the first table of the new prediction season after the first set of games yesterday.

Good to see so many people joining in the fun and the more the merrier - if you didn’t join in and want to, feel free, you are more than welcome! Missing a week or two doesn’t matter too much.
It’ll be interesting to see who has stickability and complete the full season and who quits mid-season when things aren’t going their way in true DC style!!:wink:

The first week’s winning score was a very respectable 4 points, achieved by Killer78 and Timbuktu_Saddler - well done both of you!

The next set of fixtures for next Saturday will be along shortly.


The only way is up.


Oh no, not another decent start. I couldn’t cope with the pressure last time. Let’s see if I’ve learned anything…

Top half-tastic! And literally twice the points of Exile! :star_struck:

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My customary slow start…something about marathons and sprints?

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Next you’ll be telling us all about your title winning season from 3-4 years ago as that has relevance to this year! :wink:


And still below me.


I’m taking a more Olympian ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ approach this year.

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Just like last year?

We don’t speak of last year.

The Royal we… how quaint!

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Oh we do. And we will continue to do so (obviously not to Exile about his luck of course)



At least I’m not bottom

Ok Darrell

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he needs time to gel or something like that

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These took a while to gel.


Sorry for the lateness of this after the weekend games - been a bit busy with other things!
But, here is the updated table after week 2 (Saturday’s games) of the prediction league.
Not brilliant scoring tbh, with a few fancied games that a lot predicted not going as expected. So, the winning score was just 2 points, which was achieved by so many of you that it is a collective win for this week!!

There was a p-p game already at the weekend (!) which has been duly noted down so hopefully covid won’t strike many more down as we go through the coming months.

I will do the table for last night’s games asap and the prediction thread for Saturday should be up shortly.

I thought it couldn’t get any worse!

Don’t look at the table after last night then mate!!:man_facepalming::grimacing:

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Thanks for the update. A very elegant table.