Prediction League 2: 2021-22 Week 22 (Sat 1st Jan)

Right, here’s 4th time lucky for week 22 of the prediction league!!:man_facepalming:

All the games for New Year’s Day, kicking off at 3pm.

Barrow v Bradford City
Crawley Town v Colchester United
Forest Green Rovers v Stevenage
Hartlepool United v Oldham Athletic
Scunthorpe United v Carlisle United
Sutton United v Exeter City
Swindon Town v Northampton Town
Walsall v Newport County

NEW EDIT: Now 8 games left on so make sure you keep checking back on this thread if you want to change your predictions if those games then get called off.

Forest Green Rovers 2 - 0 Stevenage
Swindon Town 2 - 1 Northampton Town
Sutton United 2 - 1 Exeter City

Barrow 1-1 Bradford
Forest green 3-0
Sutton 1-0 Exeter

Harrogate Town 1-3 Port Vale
Scunthorpe United 0-3 Carlisle United
Walsall 4-2 Newport County

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Forest Green Rovers v Stevenage 2-0
Harrogate Town v Port Vale 1-3
Hartlepool United v Oldham Athletic 2-1

Games at Rochdale and Salford now called off so feel free to change them if you want ahead of Saturday!

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The game at Salford is now called off so feel free to change that one if you want, ahead of Saturday.

FGR 5 Stevenage 0
Hartlepool 1 Oldham 2
Swindon 1 Northampton 1

Here goes nothing…

Forest Green Rovers 4-0 Stevenage
Hartlepool United 2-2 Oldham Athletic
Walsall 1-1 Newport County

Cheers I have edited post if that’s Ok

Harrogate 2 PV 1
hartlepool 2 Oldham 0
FGR 3 Stevenage 1

Barrow 1 v 2 Bradford City
Forest Green Rovers 2 v 1 Stevenage
Leyton Orient 1 v 2 Bristol Rovers

Sutton United 1-1 Exeter City
Swindon Town 1-1 Northampton Town
Walsall 2-1 Newport County

Forest Green Rovers v Stevenage 3-1

Leyton Orient v Bristol Rovers 2-1

Swindon Town V Northampton Town 1-2

Barrow 1 Bradford City 2
FGR 3 Stevenage 1
Swindon 1 Northampton 1

FGR 2 v 0 Stevenage
Hartlepool 1 v 0 Oldham
Crawley 1 v 0 Colchester


Barrow 1-2 Bradford City
Hartlepool United 1-0 Oldham Athletic
Scunthorpe United 1-0 Carlisle United

Forest Green Rovers 3 v 1 Stevenage
Hartlepool United 1 v 1 Oldham Athletic
Leyton Orient 2 v 1 Bristol Rovers

May I just say thanks to @JollyJohnny for keeping this competition one going and two updated,it must be a headache at the best of times but with all these Covid cancellations it must be like a second job mate so I doff my cap to you sir.


Crawley 2-1 Colchester
FGR 2-0 Stevenage
Walsall 2-1 Newport

Forest Green Rovers 2-1 Stevenage

Sutton United 2-1 Exeter City

Swindon Town 1-2 Northampton Town