Pride of the Midlands


We’re in a bad way. Even our trolls are such lazy f*****ts ,they can’t come up with a convincing avatar.



Won’t Get Fooled Again is a great song but I’m convinced it’s been played for years as some sort of joke by the club. Either that, or they’re startlingly lacking in self awareness. Neither would surprise me in the slightest.

The change it had to come, we knew it all along.



Meet the new boss - same as the old boss…



Should the club persist with this ‘Pride of the Midlands’ nonsense on Friday, then they truly are delusional.



What I just don’t get is why the announcer doesn’t tell someone how ■■■■ it really is to have to deliver that stupidly inaccurate drivel as the people that wear the shirts run out to

Yet another example of how removed from reality the board members really are - we all think it’s stupid, everyone probably agrees it’s stupid but yet they feel it’s appropriate to carry on with it

Idiots the lot of them

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Drugs are cheap in Greece then?



I mentioned a boycott on another thread.

The simple matter is if you are still going to home games

If you are spending money with Walsall FC

Then you are part of the problem. You are as much to blame as Bonser, Keates and whicher player you blame.

You might protest and waive a banner at Jeff after he’s took your money but if your doing that surely you can see he’s ■■■■■■■ himself laughing at the fact you keep on going no matter how much he mugs everyone off.

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This is unfortunately spot on and is the only way to make Bonser face up to the fact his time is up and supporters are now deadly serious about helping force him to do the right thing, and despite an ingrained love for WFC, supporters are now finally prepared to bite the bullet and show how much they love WFC by refusing to contribute any more to his unbalanced, and unfair personal wealth greed which is so obviously now his only interest.
Uncle Jeff at some stage was probably a fan but due to the fact he has run WFC along the same lines as his failed bog handle business, no investment, no business plan, just a stick your head in the sand and hope something works business approach, that the whole club is now in such a state that it would take a massive cash investment of his own to put right the years of self induced rot and decay. We all know that is not going to happen and he is now in a hole of his own making and at his age is just taking the club for all he can for as long as he can.
Enough is surely enough and these are the most serious times for the very existence of a WFC since Wheldon and will be so hard, so gut wrenching to turn your back on the club you love, but it really is time to hit him where it hurts, it really is time for tough love, short term pain for long term gain, it is the only way.
Otherwise, same old and we continue to contribute to the possible extinction of a once proud WFC that we have all been part of and held it`s own for 133 years.



Spot on, I truly believe they play " won’t be fooled again" on purpose! As for the laughable embarrassing sign above the players tunnel saying " Fortress Bescot " perhaps they should remake one that’s says " Thoughtless Bescot " as this would really be in keeping with our ambitious well run club😂



They really should play Steptoe & Son.
MOC should tell them that this is how their fans see them at the moment.
We’ve got to try anything to inject some urgency into the situation.