Pride of the Midlands


Surely they cannot insult us fans anymore by introducing the team as pride of the Midlands.
Utter disgrace from the top down. Its cost the club 2 season ticket renewals in my house . Been going 55 years through thick and thin , joined in protests down the town hall over ground moving in the wheldon years . Been taken for a mug by this board for quite a few years but NO MORE. Under this regime we will be lucky to have a football league club in 2 years. This board has reaped what has been sown .



I really wish that many, many Walsall “fans” would shut up and support the team!!! Just remember, the club operates on a budget LESS than the salary of MOST Premier League PLAYERS…not clubs, but PLAYERS!!..and I’m talking about the WHOLE of the club!!! You are LUCKY to have a club in the top 3 leagues in England…although you may as well discount the EPL as it seems to be just a showcase for non-UK players…so, really, Walsall are punching well above their weight!! You are spoiled, no, ruined by watching those “Premier League “stars”” on tv…why do you do it??? It’s about time that Walsall fans forgot about boycotts and “sack the board” thoughts and filled Bescot for the next match!! YES, FILL the stadium!! I live in Greece, following Saddlers from " afar"…but I’m going to bloody well make sure that I’m there for the next home game!!! BACK YOUR TEAM!!!



Your comments might apply to the populous of Walsall that don’t support us because Man Utd are much better…but it doesn’t apply to the fans who attend every week and travel the country. We know we aren’t much good, we love our club and only ask for some commitment and a decent standard plus some ambition to get towards the playoffs each season. We are not spoiled by watching premier league stars. The last 2-3 seasons have seen a drastic decline in the desire for the players to perform and a huge drift in the club leadership from the fan base. I do ‘back my team’ but, as someone who comes from a family of Saddlers fans going back to the 1930s I reserve the right to criticise the club.



Annoying when you write “the Greek part of Cyprus” and it comes out as “Greece”.



What a hero. Well done. :roll_eyes:

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I love the word ambition being banded about.

What if being where we are is the club showing ambition and there isn’t anything left in the pot to show any more? We haven’t found the unlimited pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We are what we are.



If I interpret your comments correctly, you are saying our budget is League 2 because of the size of the club etc. I actually wouldn’t mind this if the club came out, were honest with us and said ‘we are going to struggle in League 1’. Instead the stated intent is to be in the championship and we have a ‘competitive budget’. It’s all about the board being honest about the realistic situation the club is in and how this translates to ‘ambition’.



Hi, Jeff.



Looks like Jeff’s been at the hooch again.



Couldn’t agree with you more, I think we sound like idiots trying to band championship as our aim when teams like Sunderland are in our division.

If the championship was truly our aim then it is not a short term goal. It is a very long term goal which should include the implementation and improvement of the youth system and an attempt to get a bigger average attendance to compete with the championship sides. None of which we can say we’re doing.

Short term we should be saying that we want to be a competitive league 1 side as this is above our current position. And use this a platform to achieve the longer term goals.



Very surprised that he didn’t tell me to go and support, Luton, Rotherham or Bournemouth. And why shouldn’t he? Never thought we would become the poor relations of Shrewsbury or Burton in my lifetime., both own their own grounds and money in the bank. Disgraceful .



Do you believe that people are so thick that you have to type certain words in capitals to get your point over?

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Hi Jeff



Hi Steff😂

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Right, so I will turn up week after week just to watch that rubbish and never complain, I don’t think so. Based on that, if a restaurant opened up and you went week after week and found the food was rubbish would you keep going back because you had been spoiled by watching master chef? Nonsense, if the product is rubbish you don’t buy into it no matter what it is.



Absolutely has to be binned, along with ‘We won’t be fooled again’ and that ridiculous ‘Fortress Bescot’ banner.



I was suspecting early bird tickets sale is not going too well, and probably that’s the confirmation. If you will be sacked after relegation (you means some members of the board), that won’t be sad news. Only next time use different words, ok. Ten years ago club was punching above their weight too link. So nothing has changed.



Stay in Greece you ■■■■



Bescotian. Not a million miles from "Salian " is it?I wonder.



I was thinking that too