Pubs Saturday


Lads and lasses where’s everyone drinking Saturday? Just seen the wild pig and Charles Darwin will be available to us but are people going anywhere else aswel?



Been a while since I’ve been in either. The Darwin is quite a nice Banks’s estate pub. Used to go in on my way home from work
when I was based that side of town.

There’s two on the way in ,on the old A5-get off m54 at J7. Mytton and Mermaid at Atcham the more upmarket/ food orientated of the two.



Wild pig only half a mile from the ground and loads of parking spaces :+1:t2:

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just hope it’s not boaring for you all :see_no_evil:

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We’re off to somewhere near Telford. The Wild Pig is very close to the ground but it’s not the biggest. We only get the small bar around the side with Shrews fans having the rest of the pub. It’s basically like one pub split into two for two sets of fans. Beer choice is ■■■■ too.



Was contemplating drinking in the town but it’s just to far away I think ??

Wild pig it is.

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Six of us heading to the Wild Pig.
Don’t see the point of having a beer miles away and then trying to find somewhere to park.

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We will most likely be in the wild pig from around 2 onwards

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If anyone still hasn’t got themselves organised, Shrewsbury organise a number of local coaches from pubs and other pick up points around Shrewsbury and Shropshire - see Shrewsbury Town Travel Plan. I’m told by Sloppies of my acquaintance that they normally allow away fans to use the service too (in fact I’ve been invited by a couple to join them in Wellington for a beer and get the coach with them to the game), but probably best to check with the contacts given to see if they will be mixing tomorrow.

Another alternative (although parking is absolutely atrocious and a bit hard to find unless you know where it is) is the Prince of Wales - good beer, allows away fans, and there is a coach to the game and back. Been on it a couple of times myself for some of our other visits to Percy Thrower’s Extension and never had a problem.

Not been to the Wild Pig since it changed it’s name from the Brooklands, but the part they have segregated off for away fans used to be very much the poor relation in terms of the quality of the beer and service compared to the home side - it is the most convenient pub for parking close to the ground though.



If you’re going on train there is a beer festival been held in codsall right by Station



Sorry didn’t read your post properly



Wild Pig. Buy beer in the home bar and drink in the gardens which will be full of our lot. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if we were in both sides of the bar tomorrow as we will be landing far earlier than most home fans would normally begin drinking.