Railway club. Pre game

Issa have seen a steady increase in new membership requests. Over the last week or two. With many of this site. Joining

To let people know. All are welcome in the railway club Pre any home game , You do not have to be either an issa member or railway club member to come in as all are welcome

and you can even use the large free. car park to leave your car. and get down to the stadium. Via our shuttle service. To get the last pint in ground if wished. At the cost of £1 ( one way only )

Anyone wanting to be in the company of fellow saddlers. Pre match. Come along and give it a try,
And see what we are about. , Children are also welcome.

Granted it’s not for all as there’s no sky etc. But. It’s. Packed with fellow saddlers and. Is a very laid back atmosphere. , as said come along. You may like. What you see. But one thing I can guarantee is you will no doubt. Know some one in there and a warm welcome will be guaranteed


I can fully endorse what @Dhforever has posted re the Railway Club. Great atmosphere with fellow Saddlers . Ex Saddlers players in there from time to time. Try it.


Do we have to go to the game, after? :joy::see_no_evil:


So can i, fantastic family atmosphere, great service and a place to catch up with old mates good luck Dave

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There’s been s few who Havant the last few games mate.


It’s a great place both pre and post match.

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This might sound a bit thick but where is it?

Down the Wednesbury Road just before you cross the bridge over the railway.


You need to be sure that you don’t go past the entrance drive, which is directly off the mini roundabout on the Wednesbury Road - Bescot Crescent junction.

Thank you. I’ve just spoken to my son who knows where it is.

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Great for a pre-match pint, decent bit of food and music too.

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That’s a long way to travel for a match each week!! :joy: :wink: