Raising Expectations?

From the doom and gloom of a week or so ago, what are peoples views of how we might do this season now that the reinforcements have arrived and following a good first win?
I think we could be the surprise package of L1.


Totally agree mate, the goal posts have been moved (bastards) :laughing: i just wish i could get a decent bet on withought your awful description of spread betting :joy:

I’m over the moon with the signings of the last few weeks, however…we as a team are a total unknown to the opposition and in some respect to ourselves. If this team gels and works then who knows, the sky’s the limit. In reality a mid table finish is a good season and one that we should all see as progress.

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I wouldn’t say my expectations are raised but I am looking forward to the season much more now.

I still think anywhere 10th-16th is where we should be, and anything above that is a bonus. Next season should be the telling one really in a lot of senses as we will really see a Keates team 100% at that point.

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I think we’re a decent centre-half short of being a very useful unit. Most important element for me is that Keates has built a team capable of gaining points on the road, we’ve been terrible on our travels over the last two seasons.

Whilst it’s nice that we’ve all got a bit excited by a fantastic end of transfer window, I still think this season is one of foundation building for Keates. A nice season in the upper mid table as Keates asserts his own philosophy on the place whilst running down the contracts of some of the Whitney crew.

We haven’t gone from worst in the league to best in the league. There are still deficiencies in the first eleven and in some areas the cover is still non-existent.

The signings coupled with the Plymouth display and result give us cause for hope but let’s not get too downhearted if we’re not up by Christmas. Let’s just enjoy the fact we’ve shown some ambition and we have a manager with a plan.


Agree, and the Plymouth goal was an example of that.

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Wouldn’t say they’re raised but I am looking forward to enjoying my weekends again. I’m looking forward to connecting with players and manager again. I’m looking forward to walking into the Bescot looking forward, not wanting to walk straight back out before a ball has even been kicked.
Our league position won’t be much different but things are just better.


We’re not rekegation fodder any more, but I doubt we’ll trouble the playoffs either. Could be an interesting transitional season for DK and the gang. Hopefully no (more) serious injuries.

We’re like, one game in. As absurd as the misery mob are with the usual ‘down by Christmas’ claims, not sure we qualify for ‘surprise package’ material yet.

All I’ll say is that we’ve now got the squad I wanted us to have 3 or 4 weeks ago, so we could work on things. I like the business we’ve done in the last 7 days, every one of them will improve us, but why so late?

Unfortunately, the combination of the power and wealth of the Premier League, and these ridiculous deadline days mean clubs that can hold on to players unnecessarily, do. Fitzwater was never going to be in WBAs plans this year, but why keep the lad with them until the eve of the season?

Smaller clubs are suffering from the insane level of money higher up in the leagues.

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What a difference to last season with regards to attacking options, last year we had a choice of Bakayoko, Bakayoko or even at a push Bakayoko, and we all know what a prolific scorer HE was!
Now we have choices, beans & chippings, sausage & chipping, beans & sausage, sure we have choices!
Very cruel of matt to release a video of an attempted shot on goal by the above named, and then use it as an avatar!


I did say “could be” mainly based on being every bookies favourites to be relegated before a ball was kicked in anger.
Although not in despair, I was not as confident this time last week, but we have signed half a team in the past 7 days and would appear to be much stronger than a few months ago. Plus we now appear to have a manager that knows what he is doing.
Happy days😄

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LOL I think it may be a futuristic robot version. :laughing:

We may even get past the 1st round of the FA Cup :trophy:

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Woah, woah, woah. Steady on.


Agree PT. Getting a bit ahead of myself dreaming about such dizzy heights.

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The what?

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I will be happier once we have signed a CB. Normally teams are built from the back but we seem to be doing it the other way round! However judging by the signings and our first match I will certainly look forward to matches now in anticipation of seeing some goals. I think a mid table position is now likely and if we can find cover at CB we might even do a bit better than that.

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Automatic promotion, no question.