Reaction as Walsall announce Gamble departure

Our latest episode takes a look at the news from a few days ago that Stefan Gamble is to leave the club to join Trivela.

We discuss the impact of the move, what the transition will look like, and the type of person that should be brought in to help the Saddlers progress.

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Wonder if we got an undisclosed fee and negotiated a healthy add on ??

I think it’s a good move for Gamble and Trivela. Stefan’s strength is obviously finance, something he excelled at in addition to his CEO duties for the club.
It’s vital for the club to hire someone equally as competent for the position.

A club CEO role should be the replacement. As Gamble is still in charge of the finances (as well as for other members of the portfolio) we share a cost for his accounting services still. A cut-down club beanie role reporting to him should do.

I think having him keeping control and having input on the finances is a good thing, and allows that CEO replacement to be more of a footballing brain for the club

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Wasn’t Gamble part of the very board that that was encompassed with the never to be forgotten words of the Dame that “no one on the board knows anything about football” ( himself by inference, included )

I can’t remember the Chairman’s words but was he not just admitting that he and the board were not football professionals and hence the need for a DOF. Why do we nitpick with everything club officials say or do ?