Recruitment is key this summer

What are they going to sign them with magic beans? Seems like there’s no money there for whatever reason and I’d rather be told that than them keep begging for extra support.

Performances like today are the ones that make me think there’s a player in there somewhere and these stats aren’t completely unfair.


Motm today foot work excellent and kept going


I am very pleased to see aAdebayo had a great game.


1million percent mate

Really despise the vendetta against him.

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That Adebayo is an asset at this level he just needs to reproduce that every week and we have a good player on our hands it’s there he’s shown that today really pleased for the lad after all the stick he’s had this season.


Yeah it’s was as if he had said to himself enough is enough I have to show everybody what I can do and prove people wrong . Let’s hope this performance can bring the best out of him for the remainder of the season. He has set the bar know keep it up big man.


DC will probably drop him next game … :man_facepalming: :joy:

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It’s not a “game” , it’s a “project”

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Not a fan of Adebayo but if he somehow manages to play the rest of the season anywhere near how he played yesterday then I’d keep him.

Deserved MOTM yesterday. Criminal he wasn’t awarded it.


Tom Heslop and summariser George Bowerman on commentary thought he was a shoe-in for MOTM and were both very surprised that he wasn’t given it.

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He’s raw.

Just turned 22. At similar ages Grigg and to a lesser extent Bakayoko were starting to get a consistancy to play every week and be a threat.

Like much of this forum I didn’t rate Bakayoko a huge amount but he is now a regular starter for team in top 2 of league one.

Who knows who Adebayo will develop in next two years.What probably would’ve help if the two main strikers infront of him would’ve been good this season so wouldn’t have been as much pressure in his cameos to score the goal to win a game. Insteads Lavs is good but season disrupted by injury, Gaffney a flop and Josh Gordon had a decent season but not a forward who’s going to fire you to the play offs on his own.

But he didn’t score and if you don’t score, you can’t be MOM.

Thems the rules :wink:

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I personally believe that poor form from the likes of James Clarke, Adebayo and Holden has a lot to do with the lack of consistency in formation and in Adebayo’s case, being sub and/or not having decent service from midfield. James Clarke moves around the back 4/5, every other game. Holden was shoe-horned in at right wing. If only DC could settle on a lineup and formation.

I’d like to think, in the tradition of Ricketts, Fryatt, Deeney and Grigg, that he’ll come back from a summer on the weights as a brick shithouse and start bullying his defenders. That physical aspect with the talents he obviously has and you could have an exciting player at this level.


But will also have to work on his finishing , even watching the warm up shots before the games he seems very weak at striking the ball , where as if you watch Josh he hammers them in

Josh is a bit of a scuffer as well to be fair :grinning:

That’s very true Gav , I was just reffering to the strength of their shooting power .
I know people disliked Cook but he’s been the best finisher we’ve had for a while and can’t help but think how many more goals we’d have with him in this team , even though he’s struggled at Mansfield and been shipped back to Tranmere on loan , must be attitude rather than ability , what a waste of a good chance … get himself fit , lose the ■■■■ you mentality and he could of done very well for him self

If we can splash out on a goalscorer and a couple forward thinking midfielder’s, we ain’t going to be far off next season

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