After one of the worst if not the worst referee performances I’ve ever seen does anyone have any incidents regarding referees they remember?
Any worse refs or crazy decisions

He would of bought anything off Amazon today if Stevenage had sold it


His name was Andrew Kitchen. Obviously related to Trevor Kettle.


Any time Trevor Kettle has graced the Banks’s.
Absolute incompetence.

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I couldn’t believe it when he didn’t give a foul when their defender went straight through the back of Wilko in the second half.

Having said that a better ref would have penalised Monthe countless times in the first half for grabbing his attacker by the arms.

I hardly noticed the ref in the Scunthorpe game, so there are some good ones out there, but I’m afraid they’re outnumbered by the likes of the Charlie we had today.

He seemed to be applying a different set of rules according to who had possession. I kept thinking ," Even he’s got to give this." And he didn’t. The bias seemed to get worse as the game went on.


He was absolutely shocking how a Stevenage player can go through the back of one of our players second half and play on to be waved is beyond me the bloke had a shocker I’d be giving him 2/10 if I was Taylor.

He had a shocker and so did the Lino in front of the family stand. Incompetent was being too kind to both of them

He clearly thought that it must only be a foul if a player flings himself 3ft in the air, hits the deck then rolls around as if he’s been brutally maimed.
Coincidentally this is exactly how all Stevenage players seem to act when going down… almost as if it was trained in to them.


I give up with them to be honest.

They are a joke. Just all make it up as they go along

He looked a serious porker from the blue pop lower

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1 Brett Huxtable
2. Trevor Kettle

In order of wankness


2 worse performance.

Andy Haines against Charlton a few years back worse I’ve ever seen at any level in 40 odd years of watching football. Anytime the wistle went he was the only one in the place that knew what he would give. Literally he was one step away from a striker going down in the box and him giving a penalty to the defending side.

2nd one was outright dangerous, Frazer Stretton against Lincoln in the late 90’s. Lincoln were a disgrace that day and we’re literally going in to hurt people and Stretton just let them do it and gave no protection to players at all. How someone’s career wasn’t ended that day is a miracle to the point that eventually Boli had blood streaming out of a head wound and eventual snapped and retaliated when someone once again nearly crippled him and so Stretton sent him off. Out and out dangerous and should never have been allowed to ref again at any level.

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When’s Steve Baines coming back?

They are all shit.

Agree with you on those. Two disgraceful performances but a few years back they stood out as they were not the norm. These days the performances are poor nearly every week so the performances which stand out are the better ones. Someone posted that the referee in the Scunthorpe game was hardly seen I wonder how many more of those will we get this season? If it reaches half a dozen in the season I will be surprised.

When’s Uriah Rennie coming back?

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The problem with a lot of these refs is their impartiality seems to go out of the window after the first 5-10 minutes. As soon as they get it in their head that one team is fouling a lot they then tend to favour the opposition throughout the whole game instead of judging every incident properly.

Which then puts us at a disadvantage immediately against some sides that are clearly very cynical when it comes to falling over dramatically.

Worst ref ever was Kelvin Morton. Might as well just not bother with the game when he rocked up. Just have a penalty shoot out and go home.