Referees letter

Boss Dean Keates has been contacted by refereeing officials who confirmed Walsall have been on the wrong end of a number of poor decisions in recent weeks.

Is this a new one or are you talking about the letter he was sent several weeks ago?

Ahh that must be the rolled up paper he clutches whilst standing like a statue on the touch line, moving momentarily to show the 4th official his rolled up letter😂

The efl list of match officials for Saturday adds the name of the match observer at Walsall’s game. Never seen that before, and Walsall is the only game where it’s mentioned.


Meant to add the link for the above - EFL appointments 6-10 April - News - EFL Official Website

Welcome @SaddlerSwift !! According to the EFL website match observers are appointed for every game, but it’s certainly interesting that the Walsall fixture is the only one where he/she is named.