Am I alone in feeling uneasy in seeing the Swifty mascot involved in the centre circle for the splendidly observed Remembrance silence on Saturday?

I’m not having a pop at anyone at the club, but for me the sight of a grown man in tights dressed as seven foot tall cartoon bird did take away from the solemnity of the occasion.

I’m sure the guy inside the suit quite rightfully wanted to pay his respects but maybe this could have been done on the touchlines, where he wouldn’t be recorded for time immemorial on the official photos.

I mean, if Swifty was helicoptering his ■■■■ during the silence I’d agree with you. Otherwise you’re on your own.


It is a bit weird, but imagine it goes on up and down the country.

You know when someone plants a vision in your head…

I don’t think I can ever look at Swifty in the same way again.


This topic has been covered by TalkSport the past week. The discussion drew my debate to this website

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That Partick Thistle one…


Billy Bescot-esque…

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Perhaps swifty had special boardroom approval to be part of the centre circle remembrance in recognition of the fantastic outstanding job he’s doing for the club? Well that’s what Dan Mole thinks!!!

I’m not certain he does…

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My mistake, well spotted.


I’m not sure if you know how seriously the bloke takes being Swifty, he gives up so much of his own time, doing kids parties and events to bring a bit of happiness. I am sure he will be really upset by these comments. As said above, it goes on all around the country, the silence is for each of us to think in our own way about the people who gave their lives, to make ours better. Swifty is there as someone the kids can relate too,always speaks to my kids, nothing is too much trouble.

My comments though very much tongue in cheek were never meant to belittle or poke fun at swifty ( who ever he is ) and fully appreciate the time he gives to the young fans, as you have pointed out! My comments were aimed at the recent fans meeting with Dan Mole where it seemed rather more pressing items that related to the progress of WFC were either fobbed off or given lip service but the back patting of the mascot appeared more important! In other words sort out the real issues Dan Mole! And I do know how seriously the role of swifty is taken as I knew the guy who did it previously ( for many seasons )

Good lord

This thread has tickled me.

Swifty is a good friend of mine and one of the main reasons my daughter has a love for Walsall fc.

I kind of get the sentiment but in all the things to lose time thinking about this falls pretty low down.

If I was at the game with my little one on Saturday I might of missed swifty observing the minutes silence if he was on the touchline, I am certain if we was at the game I would of pointed out to my little one that swifty was observing the minutes silence for our soldiers and would of aided her enthusiasm for wanting to know about our history. She’s only 3 but understands people fought for England as she says.