Removal of the Fellows Park slope, 1969

I’ve just been sent this amazing series of pictures of the work that was carried out by groundsman Graham Mapp and his team that year. Brilliant!!AKHqXDgtXCJOb-A&cid=04B52E1B254B1A84&id=4B52E1B254B1A84!5455&parId=root&o=OneUp


The slope was gone before I started going (1975) but there was still a bit of a camber towards the Wallows Lane side. Used to catch the opposition out if they tried a long ball down the line. Mind you, caught our players out plenty of times too and we knew about it! :sweat_smile:

And when I did the pre-demolition tour of Fellow’s Park in 89/90, we were told that a fox had dug itself an earth in the penalty area down the Railway/Laundry End that they had been unable to get rid of it so had to keep filling in the entrance before every game. :fox_face:


…and it’s bin downhill ever since.


5 months later…

Some people would say that its not unusual but I was surprised to see Tom Jones helping out…:man_dancing: .That volunteer on the rotavator looked like he was going to a wedding the way he was dressed…:grin:

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We could do with a Fox in the Box now😉

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Don’t worry Sid I got it anyway …:rofl:

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I seem to remember that after the slope was levelled out the pitch would be waterlogged after rain.
If i am correct we had to play a lot of our games at the Baggies ground.
The problem was only solved after herring bone land drains were installed.

We only played the once at The Hawthorns on 25.2.70 (v. Brighton) but after 27.1.70 we didn’t play at Fellows Park again until 21.3 70. Eight weeks without playing on home soil took its toll on the cashflow of the club. We ended up playing no less than 16 games in the final two months (home and away) in that crazy season…

I must have seen us play Brighton on 6 different grounds.
Ain’t bin to Amex…anyone seen the seven ?