Rent holiday

As it’s clear Bonsor will not sell/move on easily, nor will he cease to charge the club rent, would it be a gesture of intent to give the club a 12 month break from the burden of paying rent. This would inject much needed cash into the playing side, boosting chances of promotion and may (albeit temporarily) ease relations between the fans and directors.

To be fair, there’s precedent, to ne realistic - nah…

As I’m sure he’d be keen to point out, it’s not within his remit. It’s the Suffolk Life folk you’d need to ask


Against the rules, against the law. Fiduciary duty, duty of care, hmrc, sipp rules sapp rules…blah blah . Forget it.

I get that technicality, however Bonser is in his seventies and able to draw on his pension fund. So presumabley if he wanted to draw down a lump sum and say, buy a new powerboat, renovate his Cypriot villa, buy another couple of convertable Mercs, or…invest some money in his football club…what’s to stop him?

Rent holiday … oh how we laughed!



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Apparently it isn’t up to him. But he obviously knew that when he did it. Got everything covered hasn’t he, the leech.


His own morals

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Spot the new centre-forward.

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