Rent paid since relegation


£6,026 & counting …



Bargain :anguished:

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Maybe when hes collected enough he will appoint a manager or it’s because of this we can’t afford to appoint a manager. Disgraceful in my opinion.

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and doesn’t even have to pay a YTS minimum wage to clean the toilets at the moment either …

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Let’s face it for every day /week that goes by ,bonser doesn’t have to pay the new managers wage ,he won’t be in any rush to appoint,In the mean time he will be saving on wages and and all the potential managers up to the job will be picked off and like when we sign players be left with what’s left ,same old Walsall ,sane old story ,let’s hope I’m wrong :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



You have totally encapsulated in that paragraph what it is to be a Walsall supporter, utterly deflating, as we see the same old routine year in year out.
We all excitedly talk of possible Managers available, knowing in our hearts that we will get a cheap option that no one has ever heard of, who will get appointed on July 1st to save money, when all available decent players have been snapped up. Again.
And again it goes on and on, same old, same old.



Not me - you can call me a realist. The hope as far as this football club goes - while those at the top remain - has gone once and for all.



I’m most certainly with you on that count!