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That Red and Blue one looks amazing :drooling_face:


Checkered one ain’t authentic, not got sleeves down to the mid forearm :joy:


I had the green checked one and got rid of it as out of date. Silly me.

Always loved the ones hutch and knowles are wearing

I used to love my 1996-97 away shirt but it was green and white squares not blue and white. Why is that listed as the home kit which was the red and black Croatia-style shirt of the Big Fat Jan season?

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It is the away kit mate and it is meant to be green. I don’t ever recall having a blue and white one like that.


They’re nice and decently priced.

I really like them!
womder what players in the 90s would think of knowles and his football antics ?

Maybe Mole signed it off before he left? :crazy_face::man_facepalming:

Here’s an original for sale on eBay…


Could just be the lighting. Interestingly I’ve just googled it and there is blue and green. I only remember green too, a season or two before I started going regular though.


That Google picture looks like it’s the green one with weird lighting. Could be they’ve used that as the basis for the kit as it comes top in the search.


It does say blue in the description though. What year was the blue and white one then, I checked up and couldn’t find it and I definitely don’t remember it.

I’m not that fussed though, they are all smart. I think they missed a trick not releasing the Juventus style away one from 93/94. That was a belter.


It’s deffo blue and white if you zoom in and labels it as such AND as the home kit which it wasn’t

That said, it looks quite nice!

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Wouldn’t be like Walsall to get a retro kit wrong…:sob:


What is with the blue and white squares? Did i fall asleep and miss something?

Makes me laugh every time i see this :smile:

This was the 96/97. I remember we wore it in the Burnley cup game when the floodlights failed.

That was green and white though right? Or was it a 3rd kit then?

I don’t think there was a blue and white one. I only remember the red/black home and green/white away. :man_shrugging:

When you Google though this comes up…

The 2 pictures top left look a kind of blue green colour but I think that’s a trick of the light caught by the camera.

The ones further down are what it actually looks like.

It’s possible whoever commissioned these saw the pics that look blue and assumed that was the colour. :thinking: