Richard O'Kelly

I dont know if anyone else noticed on Tuesday night and saw that Richard O’Kelly had his photo taken with Ben Boycott on, and then sat by him all through the game in the Directors seats. RoK was obviously there for a reason, and was taking notes all through the first half. The way he shot off at half time i can only assume he went down to the dressing room to put across his observations.

I have been thinking about this for the past couple of days, and whilst i know that i have said RoK didnt want any long-term involvement, i have a feeling something might be on the cards between the club and RoK. Taking the photo of him with Ben Boycott seemed a strange one. Wonder if something is being prepared behind the scenes.

Either way, it would be a massive positive if RoK become a regular feature down the Club. Even if it was ionly to help and give advice to Sadler on matchdays. Would be i big step forward. Have to wait and see :thinking::crossed_fingers:


It would be good for the club and Sadler. ROK is known to be a great coach and clearly a good mentor by providing insight without wanting to take the limelight.

Develop the people you mentor and coach and allow them to grow. Dont undermine their inherent authority the position affords them, alot like junior officers in the military.

Another shift towards increased positivity at the club.


Yeah that would be a real positive. Sadler’s made no secret of the fact that he’s picked ROK’s brains here and there and he’s been down the training ground, but something more formal would certainly be helpful.

Keep close to this one Westie, if there is a more formal arrangement in the pipeline it may well be the signing of the season.


Maybe part time DoF or consultant would work?
His obviously finding it difficult to retire completely and still
Enjoys being involved , even if it is only for sadler more than the club


I thought ROK was on MS speed dial and I was lead to believe he was someone he spoke to regularly anyway almost as a mentor but unofficial status if it was to become more official I think most would welcome this.
Didn’t MS mention ROK at the managers meeting anyway
But we would have to take the rough with the smooth as it was an ROK suggestion of using Osin in midfield and that was universally greeted with cry’s of joy


I would love Richard O’Kelly to be involved - a top coach and someone who cares about the club. I loved him as a player too.

I am one of the very few that thinks Oisin was good in midfield although I can see he could only play that role now if we played a back 4, assuming Hutch, Earing and Comley were all fit. But, to be fair to ROK, the suggestion to play McEntee there came in one match to counter an attacking threat from the opposition.

Love to see him as our director of football he would have a lot to offer us in that role i think.


He played there when we beat Notts County and we played a back 3.

Fair enough I was told it was to utilise him as a Ladibie type midfielder winning the ball high up like he did for Newport but have to admit it was third hand info
But it was to be with a back three at the time envisaged as Prestly DD and Hussey if memory serves me right

Thinking of its ‘mission’, ‘Creating enduring value through the acquisition and management of association football clubs’, perhaps Boycott is tapping him up for a Trivela group role: DoF across the whole business: Walsall, Drog and anything else that comes up.


ROK has come a long way since his role in 83/84 of always passing it sideways so Preece got the ball. :grinning:


It’s an interesting one, and I would be opposed to O’Kelly coming in for the longer term. The only worry bead would be how this would affect Sadler’s relationship with the rest of the coaching staff and in particular, Waddock. The roles would need to be clearly defined to make sure nobody is treading on anyone else’s toes

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That would be a massive positive, going forward :crossed_fingers:

He did but that was not now. With Hutchinson, Earing and Comley cemented in, there is no space left with a back three. My point was not that he could not play with a back 3 but that now the midfield is settled.

I’m with you on that. A really good player for us.

If there is an informal mentoring arrangement in place, I’d prefer to leave it at that. Appointing him to the club in some sort of official capacity could result in Sadler, particularly, and his coaching team being undermined. He has plenty of support around him and it should be his call on who he wants to confide in or seek advice from (which he seems happy to do so).
I can see it now, with some of our fans, whereby O’Kelly would get credit when we do well and Sadler the blame when we don’t. It would only take a poor run of form for those that didn’t want him appointed, or struggle to acknowledge that he’s doing well, to start calling for him to be replaced by O’Kelly
I can’t see Trivela falling into that trap to be honest, especially now that Sads is vindicating their choice of head coach, despite all the crap they were given at the time. Let’s also remember that we have a DoF in Jordon and although we don’t hear much from him, there’s no doubt that the recruitment process has improved this season
Leave things as they are for me.


Surely he’s got enough of that already with our own resident experts .without another one .look were we’ve got him to .


It wasn’t crap, just opinions based on past experiences. It’s fine and good to have taken a positive view on it, but I doubt you thought it was the right choice at the time either.

I agree with your points in general from the post though. To be fair I don’t care who gets the credit, and it has been clear for sometime that there was a much bigger problem at Walsall than just the manager at any given time.


I wouldn’t say no to his appointment in whatever capacity he or the club chooses. He’s a good football man as we can all attest to, I’m sure MS would appreciated his help and expertise.