Rico Henry improving all the time

Told you

Just our luck as usual :roll_eyes:

Harsh on Rico and don’t mean anything against him, hope he comes back even stronger after his second ACL ( at least he’s sharing them with both legs )

Some teams just seem to get all the breaks … if some of them fell in a bucket of shit they’d come out smelling of roses, where if we fell in a bucket of tits we’d come out sucking our thumbs :man_shrugging:


We dont have much luck, with ACL injuries, do we ?

We ought to ask Hussey to get a study done on the incidence of ACL injuries on WFC players past and presnt because we seem to be getting more than our fair share reported else where. I did do a post on this matter that was poo-pooed by the non acceptance of statistic brigade in the past…my feeeling is there is an underlying issue somewhere

Can’t pin this one on Walsall.

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Are you sure? He’s only been gone 7 years :rofl:

A certain Jon Whitney was our physio when he was with us.

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My old uncle told me in ww2@18 Y/O he smoked 80 fags a day minimum between 43 & 46 and when demobbed dropped to 20 a day to save money as he had to pay for them and when he was diagnosed with empehsymia and lung cancer in the late 70s asked me if I thought it was smoking was the cause of his ilness that he died from a few weeks later.

Pop back to Rico et al the others all I asked was my feeling is there is an underlying issue

Never say never when any of us dont know what tomorrow brings

Really sad for Rico. Wish him a succesful return in 24/25.

From a cynical financial view…we’re now in Deeney territory I’m afraid. Will inevitably lose a bit of acceleration from this injury, will be closer to 30 and so ultimately less attractive to other clubs with still about three years left on his deal so inevitably run down contract and join “boyhood heroes” Blues, West Brom or Wolves on a free…

Perhaps Adebayo will go mad at prem level and score 12 in his next 10 games as the next great hope…

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ACLs are far more common now than 20 years ago. Not sure the reason but loads in the Women’s game in last 12 months.

Times change and perhaps with advanced technology in a decade or so it won’t quite be the season ender it is now.

Go back to the 90s and broken legs were usually 9/10 months or even in terrible cases like Dave Busst career enders. Now most are 3-4 month jobs and back out there.


I had read somewhere that artificial pitches maybe a contributary factor in ACL injuries. No idea whether the theory is correct.

I appreciate that EFL and PL players don’t play on artificial pitches, but have no idea if they use them for training on.

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I don’t think it is luck. Football is becoming more physically demanding from your body when you play. So injuries will happen and even the best training won’t prevent all. But it can reduce the risk of some of them. And ofc in this case it’s not a WFC issue. Back to Rico, it’s sad and I hope he will return stronger. But a second ACL? It can be really tough.


Boots look lower quality these days. Wayne Bridge broke his leg due to blades, there were tons of metatarsal injuries back in the early 00s

Some dietary supplements have been shown to degenerate bone density and i wonder if in the future studys could look into ACL / PCL issues.

I think its interesting.

Part of my reasoning if we could get a link with sports science colleges at Walsall Campus or Stanford hall who have amazing diagnostic facilities. Allow placements for their postgrads and get cheap if not free high quality sports science care.

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Talking of injuries.

Good idea, bet Mole will produce this at the next board meeting as his unique idea after reading your post

You would think the Club would do all they could to minimise injuries considering they will be paying the wages while they are injured and would effect a sale price if we were looking to move players on. It also unbalances a settled side when players are injured and dropped points effects the league position if we are giving promotion/play offs are the Club’s aspirationof giving it a good gooo


I think knee injuries most commonly occur when a boot gets stuck in the ground and the body twists. It may be that changes in ground management are to blame for the increase. I do not know if it makes a difference how you train.


ACL injury is usually from the thigh moving forward after planting the foot down or landing, basically any deceleration. PCL is the reverse of that movement as they both cross the centre of the joint. Typically fell runners, Skiers or even just people going down stairs. Twisting normally is be a bit of meniscus or LCL / MCL

Artificial turf, poor support though bad footwear or poor conditioning can make it more common. Wonder if its worse in lower leagues these days with all the 3g pitches.

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I would really enjoy pitching my idea to them but not sure how to get a message out or who the points of contact would be.

I think it’s probably time to change the title of this thread , because he isn’t


If you are handy with Powerpoint ( Winduz) or Keynote ( MacDonalds) you could do a digital presentation and email it to the SLO ( as we dont have access to the 4 amigos email addresses ) and also post it on the Club’s official Twitter page and Facebook page.

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The article I read was about the increased prevalence of ACL injuries to female players, there were two possible causes, ladies (and males outside of the EFL/PL) are more likely to play and train on artificial pitches, which maybe a cause.
The other cause was the females usually haven’t spent their teenage years training in academies and therefore haven’t built muscle strength in their legs.