Rochdale (A) 25th Aug, 3pm


The little room at the back of the Saddlers club is still operational. Annoying you can’t book over the phone mind.


Okay thank you very much do you know the hours they are operational


Rochdale should be a special case.

This is a team that spent 30 odd years in division 4/league 2. Can you imagine that? He then promoted them, keep them up, they got relegated as soon as he left, he came back and got them up again and stabilised them in league 1.

Yes they nearly went down last season but that was pretty much due to their amazing fa cup run.

Guy is their Graydon but guess as we saw with Sir Ray pretty much every manager has their sell by date.


Before home games I believe


Looking forward to this one , new ground for me and I also see us winning … 1-3 Saddlers!


I’ve been predicting a 1-1 scoreline for a while so why change now?

Ferrier for us in front of 2,805 (528).


Here’s hoping that it is not cancelled due to waterlogged pitch, if they have had the same phenomenal amount of rain over the past 48 hours that we in Frodsham have had, there is a good chance, as they have a history of waterlogging. Certainly hope not, my first chance to see the new improved Saddlers!


Ismail is fit for tomorrow so that begs the question … Morris or Ismail?

Personally I’d keep Morris in the starting 11. Ismail will be a cracking player to bring on.


Agreed, Morris keeps his place for me.

Is Allan Picken available?


First away game this season due to holidays and no longer go to midweek away games (past my bedtime when get back an age thing) and would be happy with a draw. I expect some sort of reaction from Rochdale after 2 home thumpings. Loving the way we are playing and for long time go away with the feeling we can actual win a game instead of the usual defeat. A win would be great but being a long time saddler you are always waiting for that defeat so happy with draw.


Morris or Ismail - hmmmm.
Well, I was one of those mildly critical (only mildly mind) of Morris’s performance against Gillingham. It does seem evident however, according to those hardy souls attending the AFC Wimbledon match, that he’s done enough to keep his place for the moment.
Not a bad problem to have though is it?
A win for us I think - and a clean sheet.


Agreed. Don’t really support the cracking player to bring on mindset when that comes up because to me that makes him a cracking player to play a full game too.

But I am a big believer in possession of the shirt meaning you have to do something to get dropped and Morris hasn’t put a foot wrong and put quite a few right. If you drop him now what does that say to the lad? Ismail needs to take that shirt back off him, something he may well do. But it’s Morris’ at the minute. It may well spur Ismail to an even better performance too.


Would suggest that if you are not on your way you should think about starting out soon. It took me 4.5 hours yesterday to get to Rochdale and the M6 is closed this morning.


We used to come up north on the A34 when the M6 was troublesome (which is 90% of the time) it may take longer with lights and roundabouts, and watch out for the excessive amount of speed cameras around Stoke area, but it WILL get you there. The M6 has been a car park for years, and just never seems to improve.
Best of luck my friends.


I’ve got a funny banana-skin feeling about this one. But I’m usually wrong.


Unchanged team…Ismail on the bench.


playing in the third strip


Wimbledon 1 up against Sunderland and peterborough 2-0 up at plymouth and scunny beating barnsley 1-0


1st yellow card to 16 Done. !


1-0 ginnelly :smiley: