Rochdale (A) 25th Aug, 3pm


"In the midst of the dale"


We continue the amazing (and unexpected) start to the season with a trip to Spotland, where Maz Kouhyar’s late late goal got a point for us in our most recent game there last December. On current form this might be a relatively easy 3 points for the Saddlers, but of such matches are banana skins spoken, and Rochdale’s League One position (hovering around the relegation zone) can be expected to supply a degree of fighting motivation not seen thus far, if you take on board their fans’ reactions. Rochdale’s current form away from home is actually very good, undefeated in fact, but at Spotland they’ve been a model of consistency, conceding 4 goals in both games - although it should be allowed that the opposition has been promotion material…

Aug 4th Burton Albion (A) Won 1-2
Aug 11th Peterborough United (H) Lost 1-4
Aug 14th Grimsby Town (EFL Cup) (A) Won 0-2
Aug 18th Fleetwood Town (A) Drew 2-2
Aug 21st Barnsley (H) Lost 0-4

Their fortunes in the Barnsley game took a further nosedive when goalkeeper Josh Lillis had to be substituted after an hour because of an injury. Wags on the Rochdale message board pointed out that his bad back was due to having to pick the ball out of the net so many times. His replacement was Magnus Norman (on loan from Fulham) so he may possibly start on Saturday. Other comments on the general performance contained words like “statuesque”, “shambles” and “the local under-9’s side would have more about them”…

Dean Keates has the pleasant headache of deciding which eleven of his squad of winners will start, and after Kieron Morris’s return to the form of old (and his goal at Wimbledon) it’s a toss-up whether a fit Zeli Ismail would automatically resume his place. The rest of the team virtually selects itself, and it would seem that motivation is now the major factor in repeating the performances seen so far.

Prediction? Casting aside the obvious banana-skin nature of this game, I’ll go for a 0-2 away win, with Ferrier and Cook re-inforcing their ever-improving double act partnership.


Time to end our ■■■■ run against them.

2-0 to us. Their fans will be right on their backs given the comments by Keith Hill last night.


I think 1-1 will be the result.They will tighter at the back due to their defeats and will be difficult to break down.


I think it will go one of two ways due to their fans frustration towards Keith Hill at the moment. Either they will pick up and win after their performance against Barnsley yesterday or the fans will get on their backs even more which should play into our hands.


I’ll take one all now. I think talk if bannana skins is slightly premature. I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended the season not far away from Rochdale. They’ve had some rough fixtures and I can’t help but feel there is a bump in the road for us somewhere. Plus they’ve had some rotten fixtures to begin with.


I’d definitely take a draw now but given their current fan v manager (sounds familiar) saga I’d actually expect us to take advantage of that. Apparently their fans are right on the players backs from the off and we seem to be making a habit of starting fast.


Sod it we don’t need any help with fans arguing with the management team, not with our form, 0-2 to us ferrier and fitzwater cus he is gagging to get on the scoresheet :laughing:


Rochdale have had a rough start by conceding four goals in both home games and that can’t be defended. A typically fast start from us and it’ll be game over at half time.
3-1. All three of our goals in the opening 45 minutes. They’ll grab a consolation around 70-odd minutes because we’ll never keep a clean sheet😁


An early goal would be interesting. Not too early,though, obviously :confused:


Were you watching me as I typed? Will have to get Norton to check on my security!
Greatly looking forward to my first match this season, would love to beat Rochdale for a change, they always seem to come good against us, lets hope this is not the case on Saturday.
What DanG said.


The lads deserve a stonking away following for this one.

Unfortunately, following Walsall away has dropped off over recent seasons. Understandable for many reasons. But there was a time when this trip in the current circumstances would have been a guaranteed 700.

I really hope we can top 500. Good acoustics under that roof.

1-1 Ginnelly. 501 Saddlers.


Rochdale 1 - 4 Walsall

Ferrier (2)


High scoring away wins are already getting a bit passé, so I’ll settle for a couple. Guthrie and Gordon, just because I like to see the goals being shared around.


1-1 here I think. Wouldn’t grumble at that.

Rochdale were hammered the other night but Barnsley are a cut above with their 11. Rochdale beat Burton the other week which is a better guide.

Amazed some of their fans want Keith Hill out, guy deserves a statue outside Spotland.


I remember a quote from Dean Smith saying when you’re winning your the second coming of the messiah, lose 3 on the bounce and you’re the devil incarnate. Fans are fickle. It’s the nature of the beast.


11/4 available on a Walsall win at the moment, don’t think they’ll be that price come 3pm on Saturday.

Given our lack of clean sheets, BTTS and a Walsall win at 6/1 could be even more tempting.

2-1 Walsall. Dobson and Cook.


3-0 or 3-1 to us. Easy.


2-0. First clean sheet of the season.


My first game of the season. I look forward to going to the games I get to, but it’s nice to feel a really strong sense of positive anticipation about Saturday.
3-1 win .
Ginnelly, Cook, Ferrier


How do you book the a seat on the coach now with the supporters club gone any information will be much appreciated thanks