Rochdale (H) 2nd Feb, 3pm


Believe me mate, I am not Devlins biggest fan. I think his first touch most of the time has a lot to be desired and he is certainly not a wide midfielder. I’m not on twitter so he doesn’t speak to me nor do I know what he says to fans.

That being said, I don’t criticise where it’s not warranted. I’ve looked at the video of the match. Edwards picks up Hamilton (27) as he is a CM for Rochdale. As I have said, the set up allows for us to be over run in midfield. The 3rd man run from Hamilton is lost by Edwards bearing in mind he’s one of 2 CM’s marking 3 of their CM’s.

You told me it’s devlins fault. You’re yet to explain why?


Then is he really the worst player you’ve seen for 10 years? I can name a few (off my head) that didn’t have skill, heart or determination.


I’m being quite firm here. He’s dreadful and I don’t understand the support he gets for his performances.

It seems as though because he puts a tackle in once a match that makes him some sort of hero.


Just looked at our fixtures and the next 6 games are crucial. I think we need to win at least 4 of them . Cuz after those 6 . We have Portsmouth, Barnsley , Doncaster, and Sunderland all one after the other . At this point we will have reached 40 games . It’s time to step up or we are doomed :see_no_evil:


To have an effective protest, first of all you need ‘brand’ awareness.

Secondly, you need to make sure you have as many people on board as practically possible.

Thirdly, plans need to be made in order for things to run smoothly and to ensure we are all singing off the same hymn sheet, so to speak.

Nothing has stopped, it’s all being worked on in the background and we are waiting to hear back from Gamble about the proposed meeting. They deserve their opportunity to talk about things too, and it’ll be made very clear that their actions are going to prove stronger than their words.

So to answer your question, no, it’s not going to start by the seaside because it wouldn’t be anywhere near as effective as it’s going to be once things are properly in place.


Yeah looks tough but then you think back to December and the excellent performances v Posh, Luton etc.

Wimbledon has to be a win if only to stop this run of defeats at home to fellow relegation contenders.

Not win that and relegation becomes very real prospect I’m afraid.


There’s no chance of Guthrie being dropped. Jeff makes sure his name is on the team sheet as a subtle reminder of his raison d’être (& to a time when his mullet was in fashion)
I’ll get my coat…


But the biggest mess which kick starts all the other big mess is our one and only number one fan .

Until he is gone it’s just going to go round , and round , and round , and …


I go back forty odd years watching Walsall, and I’ve seen some absolute knackers in that time. Devlin is nowhere near the bottom 50 in my book. He’s not great by any means, but he’s not that bad. However, If Dean Keates thinks he needs replacing at right back, and he must do based on the fact that he’s signed Cameron Norman, and subsequently played him ahead of Devlin. Why is Keates deciding to play Devlin wide right ahead of wingers that he himself has signed? This is Mersonesque management. Or worse still, Its like Buckley playing David Arthur on the wing ahead of Mark Rees.


Again we are bypassing the major problem here … the manager is only as good as the chairmans backing

Either a ■■■■ manager out of work , or a past fans favourite player , it makes no difference , premier , championship , non league , pub team …the money available to him who or ever is crap thats why we will continue to debate this for ever and a day …


Absolutely this post. Spot on.

I was 100% behind Keates up until this team selection Saturday. I still back him, but the perserverance with Devlin on the Wing, and dropped Kins has made me question him.


Can maybe understand devlin playing there away from home . But not at home against Rochdale when we needed to go and attack . As for kinnsella not to be in squad when he should be in the team in place of Osbourne who offers nothing is just baffling team selection to me . It actually angers me :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


No Walsall manager is ever going to be given the backing we would like under this regime, because the backing we would like as fans, and the off the field improvements with it would equate to a sea-change in mentality that Bonser/Gamble/Mole painted bogs and a ticket office that can process more than 3 transactions an hour is incapable of delivering. However, Keates has been backed sufficiently to avoid relegation in my opinion, he’s got people in on long term deals, transfer fees and decent loans. It would be a ridiculous catastrophic failure to get this club relegated given especially that we had our best ever start at third tier level in the history of the club. That’s what we’re staring at, and DK needs to take it.


Kinsella has turned down a new contract wasnt happy with our offer.


Has this been reported by keates or in the press as I didn’t know this ?


I hear what you’re saying @geordiesaddler , and i agree the players DK has been allowed to bring in should , and i say should be capable of keeping us up , and we agree the problem lies higher up the ladder , and until that changes we will keep debating this for ever


That is in my opinion really bad news


I can see it but keates can’t !!! osbourne is not mobile enough to play in a central midfield 2 .so should not play at all in my opinion .


Point is, he has to make sweeping changes for Saturday. This can’t go on.


From his grandad at the charlton game if you check it makes sense he has only started the Bolton game since.the word insult was used not sure if they are renegotiating or not.