Could be the next Bury…

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This pulls fewer punches than the BBC.Some real vultures have been circling for a while:

All a bit shit really, and could easily be/kind of is us - satellite towns to a big conurbation, struggling for oxygen in the face of bigger neighbours, but with a proud (if not illustrious) history and fighting the tide.

I always thought they were very well run with local guys running them (probably confusing them with Accrington up the road) so didn’t realise this as Oldham are obviously getting the mass coverage in that part of the world.

Short term solution is just to get Keith Hill back for the 1,560th time as manager as they were in desperate state before and he got them up to league 1 again within 6 months.

Dale have made a formal complaint to the BBC about inaccuracies in the article.
A Dale-supporting friend told me, this morning, that things aren’t as bad as portrayed in the article, now that, in his words, Morton House have been shown up for what they are.

The BBC reporting things inaccuracy! Surely not😄


A once great organisation ruined by misplaced political correctness

I don’t think many regard Rochdale FC as a once great organisation :upside_down_face:


My mate has told me that the article has been removed from the website.