Rollin Menayese signs

On loan for the season from Mansfield

Not what we need. Desperately short of attacking players. This seems to be going a bit pear shaped



Pear shaped :joy:


I’m relishing seeing him play


It might be if we don’t get any more forwards, but what makes you think we won’t be? Does it matter what order we sign them up in?


It’s just not how Jeff would do it


Never heard of him squad player I’m guessing?

Another defender? What the Hellmann.




I think this signing tells me that Sadler won’t be playing much this season and he’ll be doing more of the coaching.

Taylor, Monthe, Meneyese and Leak as our centre halves.


I’d guess with this it will either mean that Leak will go out on loan, or that Sadler is more or less just a coach now.

Thought he looked alright against us last season, but our forward line wasn’t exactly testing.

Boring unnecessary signing this one from a team in our league who don’t want him.
Only signing we’ve made in very disappointed by but oh well don’t win em all I guess

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Hopefully his fitness will ketchup with the rest of the squad and with a dollop of good fortune this will be a saucy signing

Maybe we are going play 352? So am extra CB is welcome


We would have been better going for someone like sammy amoebi. A winger with pace

Solid signing in my eyes, gives us more depth. Takes the pressure off Sadler so he can concentrate on his coaching.

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The sauces were right then about this signing.

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Sign a player on loan from a team in our league and that instantly makes him beyond woeful? :sob:

We signed Westcarr on loan from a division below and, with a manager who knew what he was doing, he turned out to be a shrewd signing who went on to be our top goal scorer the season after!

Grimsby fans rate him, so must have something about him as usually fans blanket hate most players part of a relegated side.

Provides depth at CB which is needed if, by the looks of it, Sadler is absolute last case scenario.

Not saying he’ll be the second coming of Maldini, but seems a fairly sensible signing that (hopefully) means more funds can be diverted to our attack rather than bringing in another permanent addition to our back line.


I think this