Ross Tierney

Is Ross Tierney still at the club?

Before he got injured, he had squad number 26.
Now, the new lad from Norwich has number 26. I’m right in thinking that you can’t change squad numbers part way through a season.
So, here’s my thinking. Tierney went ‘back’ to Motherwell, ending his loan. His squad number became free to use.
Have we now signed him in a permanent transfer and he’ll be given a different squad number?

Not sure could have sworn he was on the bench saturday but just checked and he wasnt obviously. He can go back for me, shown flashes of quality but made of glass. Saying that depends on the financials, if hes not costing us much might as well keep him but not sure if we’re paying his wages or most of them or not.

I think Adegboyega is number 36, isnt he?

I think the club also posted some pictures of Tierney back in training at the back end of last week, so hopefully he’s on his way back to fitness

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Sadler said Tierney would be available for the match on Saturday.

I’m a huge Ross Tierney fan, he’s got lovely feet and has shown glimpses of real quality. Another I’d like to sign up permanently if the opportunity arises.


I was just going by the squad numbers off of Sky on Saturday. He may well be 36, in which case, ignore everything I have written :rofl:

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They’re OK I suppose…


Nope, @Cumbria-Saddler is correct that Adegboyega has been given 36 not 26. I think the confusion comes from the lineup for Stockport which does says 26, but if you check for Southampton it was 36 - so looks like another BBC/Sky/iFollow/whoever error that gets picked up by everyone and never corrected.

BTW Tierney is still listed on the first team page of the OS - but then so too is Harvey Griffiths. :roll_eyes:

To be fair to the club they’re pretty good at communicating when players have joined / left. Marv for example wasn’t even a first teamer and they announced he’d gone recently. I’m certain Ross is still at Walsall.

Fiar enough…that’s put that to bed then

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Tierney is not L2 standard.
Along with Stirk and Riley he needs releasing asap.


Along with Stirk ??? , give your head a wobble mate .


Stirk? :joy: :joy:

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What a load of old rubbish.



And your posting is ‘Walsall Fans Have Your Say’ standard

Ross is average - his ok but his injury record is becoming silly. I wouldn’t care if he stayed or went but I wouldn’t sign again next year . Not as good as other injury prone players we have had recently like Holden ( who was pure class at this level ) but better than others eg Riley
Stirk is a perfectly reasonably league 2 battler . A kinsella with a little less desire and a little more talent


I’ll be surprised if Stirk ever wins two player of the season awards in his career, unless he drops three or four levels.
In addition, Kinsella won multitude of ‘player of the match awards’. Stirk…mmm…poor at passing, poor at crossing, poor at free kicks, poor at winning the ball, a keen runner. No wonder our upturn in form corresponded with his (plus Tierney’s and Riley’s) absence.

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Stirk played key parts in the wins over Tranmere, Crewe and Notts County. Far better all round player than Kinsella. His corner delivery is generally excellent This is old ground and I admired Kinsella’s endeavour but I never again want to see a Walsall team poor enough for a player to win an award for being the hardest worker. That’s why we have finished bottom half of the bottom league consistently.


Stirk is levels above kinsella offers alot more