Rumour Clarke handed his notice in

Just saw this on twitter , rumour he delayed a supporters meeting to attend an unscheduled meeting with Pomlett


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Will he be working his notice?

This was in the week apparantly according to the rumour so the one today is another one

I can only wish this rumour turns out to be true . A classic case of a manager that has done far two many coaching courses and has forgotten football is a simple game . He is creating all sorts of his own problems with changing the team week in and week out and far two many changes during a game . Footballers are generally thick so do not over complicate the game


Because obviously the club would admit it if he had. :roll_eyes:

It sounds outlandish but Clarke sounds like a man of honour. WFC has ruined a couple of budding managerial careers lately and I wouldn’t be surprised if Clarke, after a third of the season, has seen the writing on the wall. In his own words, we are miles off. I really would not be surprised if there’s some truth in this rumour, hence the “united front” PR excercise this past week


I mean it makes sense. We’ve past the stage where a manager can reasonably claim his squad are still gelling, and he knows the spotlight is going to be firmly on him from now on in

Has he got the courage for a fight?

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Like most I’m really not happy with Clarke but if he did go a new manager would inherit his dross team with probably less chance of making it work.
So far it’s been an unmitigated disaster but to change now would be disastrous.


Don’t roll your eyes at me mate, just offering what’s been reported elsewhere.

It’s an emoji ffs, and probably aimed at the article not you! I’ve often felt that some on here jump on your posts unfairly, but tbh you just love to argue. You alone are the reason why I use this forum far less than I used to. Countless threads devoted to arguing with you, rather than talking about football and expressing your opinions freely.


I’m as disappointed as everyone else at the moment. Especially the home form which if it continues will destroy supporters optimism and bring the attendances crashing down. But he must be given the January transfer and be backed by the club. Whilst shipping half a dozen out the the door.


If it is true, it smacks of a mossiv ego, otherwise why not just resign.

Hope it is ■■■■■■■■ though, cuz it is not the answer right now.

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Basically i agree with you , but the thing is this season is / should be a free hit with only one relegation spot .
I really wanted this to work but with every passing week it’s obvious that the players Clarke has brought in are in the main rubbish , and please do not give the budget as a reason, there is no way in the world that clubs like Cheltenham , Crawley etc have larger budgets than WALSALL , as I’ve posted before at this level the minimum requirements are Pace , Strength Athleticism of which we have very little , and if you’re lucky a little bit of skill , which we definitely do not have! .
Let’s see what happens in January and if there is no improvement in the quality of players he brings in then I’m sorry but we cannot be expected to put up with this level performance , I know we are only WALSALL but we are better than this !!!


But how can we trust the manager to make the right moves in the January transfer window, when you look at the complete and utter dross he signed in the summer window, someone was saying he needs to get rid of six players, I dispute that and would say quite a few more than six need shipping out


Whilst I am disappointed overall with Clarkes team building It should be remembered that it was a complete overhaul and he had absolutely nothing to start off with and had to build a team in a very short space of time. As others have said some signings will work some won’t. He has til January in my opinion to work out who is good enough and who is not. Then hopefully be backed and bring better players in. If then we still see no improvement then he can only have himself to blame.

Much of the overhaul was his own doing though Gavin. He has also signed some dross. He is 4/10 so far for me. I am hoping that he is better than this.

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So am I mate :+1:

He’s not been backed and there might be some truth in this that’s all I’m saying for now let’s see what happens.he isn’t Whitney or Keates he has a decent record as a manager and won’t want it ruined by a penny pinching board that won’t back him financially.

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Absolutely spot on post!