Rushall Olympic (A) Fri 6th July, 7.30pm

I can add nothing to Pedagogue’s excellent summary elsewhere on the board. Dean Keates has said he will be fielding his “first team” in the first half, with the second half given up to reserves and youth/academy players.

Oh, and chips will be available…

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Popping down to this, think the cause is a brilliant move by the club.

Hopefully go Triallist spotting too.

All feedback and match reports would be welcome to those of us unable to attend. Many thanks in advance !!

I’ll be there. Local, cheap and will be good to see our first run out of pre-season. Hopefully they’ll be a few trialists playing too.

Couple of triallists playing tonight, interested who they are.

One of them is Olly Marx, 18 year old defender. Was on loan at Rushall last season from Wrexham.


Any idea who the no. 17 is? Leahy is calling him Michael…

Absolute sitter there from Baka :triumph::triumph::triumph:

Well nothing changed with baka then !!

1-1 (no. 17)

Any news on number 17? Looks a player

Nicky Devlin OG

I wonder when the we are going nowhere this season will start we cant beat rushall lol keep calm and think FOOTBALLS COMING HOME !

E&S says:-

"The forward, who is rumoured to be Cypriot, fired in from 25-yards to pull the Saddlers level "

Another Cypriot? Lightening dont strike twice does it?


To be fair I was there and I don’t think that at all, we never at any point had more than a handful of first teamers on the pitch and it was obvious that a few were nowhere near fit enough yet, which is completely understandable considering it the first week of July.

It did highlight a few areas that some already think need strengthening anyway. CB CM and striker. But again it’s the first week of July and a long way to go before the window.

One thing that was concerning though was Adam Chambers who looked VERY old and gave the ball away at least 4 times. Maybe rusty who knows. We also need to stop looking non league and for quality at this level. Olly Marx might have been decent at Wrexham but we need to move away from that now.

There were reasons to be cheerful though, we looked lively outwide whether that was Morris, Kouyar Zeli or Hayles Doherty, who I thought was excellent actually.

Edit: oh and Cookie looks an absolute unit who LOVES a scrap

He looked about 5 times the player haha

I agree with El Nombre…the 3 positions he highlighted are the major priorities and if we wish to be reasonably successful they need filling with some experienced players.Marx could be a back up but is certainly not first team material at the moment… What we didn’t see was a Cook/Baka. combo which could be interesting!! One other thought lets hope Dobson stays fit …

Not a bad evening to see some of the lesser lights in the squad. You can’t get too upset about the result as it is very early in the club’s preparations for the new season. I liked the look of Cook. Downside was 2 hour travelling time from Solihull. The M6 was an absolute nightmare. Rushall seemed to have a good setup.

By the sound of it I think we are going to love cooky :smiley: