Ryan Lowe to Argyle

It looks like The Pilgrims have got the man they were after. Lowe did well last season and might turn out to be a very good appointment but it could be that the particular situation at Bury made it easier to succeed, even including the late paying of players.
Only time will tell but I’d rather have Clarke, who is an experienced manager now, than Lowe with just a season and a half as a manager.

Decent pedigree of managers in our league this season with the teams coming down that’s for sure.
Lowe at Plymouth, Hurst at Scunthorpe, i still rate Bowyer at Bradford. Wouldn’t swap any of them for our DC though !:grinning:

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You mention the ‘Bury situation’. Interesting piece in today’s Guardian - what a shambles!

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Weren’t the Bury fans calling for his head before they got relegated to league 2 as well? Got quite aggressive on their forum I seem to remember (but at my age the memory ain’t what it used to be, so could be wrong) . But what a situation Bury are in. Feel sorry for all the staff.

The salaries they were paying for the likes of Leon Clarke , Tom Pope and Beckford has caught up with them I’m afraid

You can’t hunt with the Hounds and run with the Fox!!


Bury had some very good players last season, hence why they got promoted.

The likes of Mayor, O’Shea, Maynard, O’Connell, Jordon Rossiter and even Jermaine Beckford is still on there books, plus several other good standard L1 players who they ■■■■■■ alot on wages when Lee Clark was there and the players they signed on big money when they attempted to stay in L1.

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I generally don’t mind Bury as obviously they’re a similar size club to Walsall so you naturally have affinity to likes of them and Orient, Hartlepool,Tranmere etc.

They have been taking the mick last five years though. Certainly won’t be giving them anything if they have buckets outside Gigg Lane next time Walsall play there.

A year or two in non league would probably do them more long term good than this brief spell in league one they’ll have.

Does this sound familiar?
Dale said he was aiming to agree a settlement of the loan on Gigg Lane, then he may transfer the stadium to a company he has formed, Bury Leisure Ltd, and the club could pay rent to play there until he is paid off

Sounds far too obvious. Needs to include phrases like ‘only way forward’, ‘let me be clear’, ‘in the club’s best interests’ and ‘on its knees’…

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