Ryan Stirk Signs


When did this happen?

4pm mate.

Don’t know too much about him.

A quick Google search shows he made 36 appearances for Mansfield a few seasons back when they made the play-off final. He is a good age and a good upbringing coming through the blues academy.

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Kinsella replacement?

“We are over the line or close on a number of other targets and we are pleased with the overall progress.”

Wonder when the rest will be announced.

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Maybe but I thought we were moving away from two defensive midfielders and McEntee was now one of those too?

It makes sense to me if he’s better than Comley, or McEntee is moving back into a defensive role.

A day late!!:joy:


At last - it doesn’t take much to get the juices flowing again! This is a decent signing.

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On the basis of Sadler’s quote below he’s a replacement and an upgrade. If he’s as capable as MS seems to think he is I can see Comley playing far less.

“Ryan is the type of player who wants to pass forward, play through the lines, he wants to receive the football and he wants to get on the ball.

“He’s also a tenacious dog in the way that he works in trying to recover the ball and receive the ball back.

I’d also be worried if McEntee is playing midfield next season.

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Me too. I felt his effectiveness there was a tad overblown to be honest, especially considering the criticism of the midfield was not enough quality on the ball.

If that’s the case and he is indeed an upgrade on Comley it’s a tick on both fronts.


Nothing wrong with two defensive midfielders if they can pass forward when they win the ball.


Not many Pirlos in this league though.

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Try not to overthink it, leave it to the coach

Or, discuss it as you like because this is a football forum.


Try not to misread what I’m saying.

Welcome hope your more forward thinking than kinsella

Ok no worries

Sounds interesting, maybe DJ in the bag, Club may not be able to announce until 30th June.

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