Sad news RIP Miah

One of my youthful heroes. RIP Miah


Sad news. I enjoyed watching him play, an entertaining player and part of an entertaining team.

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Me too. God beless him.

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Thanks Miah for the time you spent at our club. RIP

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R.I.P Miah. One of the players from the early years of my supporting the Saddlers.

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Sad news. Remember him scoring a hatrick against Reading (I think). Hope he enjoyed a good quality of life untl then end after him being attacked a few years ago. A true Saddler, thoughts with his family and other loved ones :heart:


RIP Miah , always a saddler

RiP Miah - i loved watching you jinking up the wing leaning on the cowshed wall at fellows park


Yes on his day great to watch the “mercurial winger “ remember him well R.IP.

One of my boyhood hero’s
Bit of a story, hopefully members will see that although funny i don’t mean any disrespect to his memory
Me and a couple of mates used to go to Rhyl every weekend as teenagers, and we mainly stayed at the Bells of St Mary’s campsite in Gronant
Anyway one night we decided that we couldn’t be arsed to get the bus into Rhyl, so we went to the Gronant social club, we got absolutely wasted and thought that it would be fun when we came out, to see if we could lie in the middle of the road to take a pee without getting ran over :man_facepalming:
Anyway after trying to do this a few times the old bill rolled up, and took us to the side of the road, and asked us for our names
I started off
" ALAN BUCKLEY" followed by a fictitious address
My mate Roger said
" MICK KEARNS" followed by another fictitious address
Then my other mate Pete (@Yorkred said
Then turned to me and said " Hey Mark where do i live?" :joy: :man_facepalming:
They let us off with a warning
Rest in peace Miah you will live forever in my memories


My favourite No. 7 ever! Loved watching him play. I named one of my cuddly toys after him - well when I say cuddly, it was a plastic gonk with blue hair - called Miahgonkskyisblusky. I was 12 alright!

Rees at No 7 was fun to watch - but that shirt is forever Miah’s to me.

RIP Miah.


Sad news.

RIP Miah.

Sorry to hear this. Miah was part of a period of my supporting life that I really enjoyed. RIP Miah.

Like most Saddlers fans, I enjoyed watching Miah play. He joined us from Nottingham Forest where he had failed to impress Brian Clough who regarded him as a coward and sneeringly referred to him as “Jeremiah Dennehy”!
I thought that Cloughie was a bit out of order there.


RIP Miah a bucket load of memories, I hope my memory isn’t playing tricks on me but wasn’t it Miah who scored a header v Shrewsbury on telly Soccer Sunday perhaps

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Yes it was. Probably the only header he ever scored with for us

RIP Miah. When I was a young autograph collector he got me onto the pitch to help him look for his contact lense. He was an early favourite of mine after that.