Saddle Sore

Clearing out my Dad’s loft yesterday and came across a few interesting things, the most interesting being issues 1-5 of Saddle Sore, fanzine from the time just before and after our moving from FP to the Bezla, published by Graham Doe. Some interesting stuff in there, lots of questions about the “new ground”, the rent and the future. The legend that is Mark Jones featured prominently in the articles, Andy Collins wrote a few, plus plenty of people under pseudonyms who I probably know but can’t remember their alter ego names. So own up, if you were the Bloxwich Stroller, Trevor Christie’s moustache, the Executive Glassman, the Town Swift, the Mouth of the South, Fred Barber’s Haircut, Nommo the Fish God or the Barsteward Sons of Boris Karloff. Brilliant fanzine poking lots of questions in the direction of Blower, Whallet, Denglen and Wheldon.


Bloxwich Stroller was me.

Hey Belge, can you scan the Bescot stuff for me?

Would be great to see a digital version, if you have time.

I’ll see what I can do, happy to e-mail it to peeps that are interested, it is very entertaining reading!! Swamped with work, Chernobyl kids and cat stuff at the moment but I’ll get round to it as soon as I can :+1::+1:

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Remember buying the first edition of Saddle Sore. Was at a Football Supporters Association meeting in Brum in 1989. Roy Whalley regaling a barely interested audience about our upcoming move.

I had a youthful fiery go at suggesting the move was a ■■■■ idea but lost the audience (mainly Blues fans) when I suggested Ken Wheldon was more engaging than the folk running the show at that point (we were in some post Ramsden Maurice Miller twighlight zone). Roy made a joke about the toilets and we moved on.

Read the fanzine on the train going home and remember thinking it was sound.

Hi all, I did hope to be able to sorted and able to send you all Saddle Sore’s I found before I came away, but never got round to it due to other stuff to deal with. I am currently volunteering again in Belarus with Chernobyl Children’s Project for a month. I will get round to it when I get back I promise!! I’ll have to be quick though as I am back out here early September to run Minsk Half Marathon to raise money for the kids (hint hint, anyone feeling like sponsoring me let me know!).

The events of the last couple of weeks make them all the more relevant as they date from the period that a certain vile leach took control and people who wrote articles were already asking questions that still haven’t been answered and never will be.

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