Saddlers Club Disposing

In 1990 when the old Saddlers Club along with Fellows Park were lost forever.


Once nearly copped an unfortunate one in there, seating was appalling and when a group was on stage the only seats available were with your back to the stage and you could watch through the mirrors at the back of the room. unfortunately one bloke sat at the back thought I was ‘staring him out’ and came over to punch my lights out!!

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Got invited to some corporate event after a night match in the mid 80’s. By the time we had walked from the half way line on the Popular side and entered the club Steve Cherry was stood at the bar with a pint having already showered and dressed.If I remember correctly he had a plastic bag at his feet with some kit in. Those were the days…proper football!

Steve Cherry has an autobiography out in a few months time @Worsul4eva should be an interesting read.

Reading his rants on social media, probably not. :slightly_frowning_face:

The Capri parked outside gives a great period setting.

As a relative youngster, the only time I recall going in there was for the start of behind the scenes tour at Fellows Park in the last season before the move to bescot. I think there is a photo somewhere of me sitting in the manager’s office, which would have been Barnwell at that time.

Hope you left a ‘present’ in his desk drawer.

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:poop: :laughing:

Ha ha, I was far too young and naive then!