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Regards the reopening of the Saddlers club and the prices now being charged in the ground, how about and I know it’s a long shot but how about if one of the supporters groups (Issa ?) enquired about running it , at the very least it would give everyone a better idea of the costs involved and would probably attract more customers than being run directly by the club .
I’ve long thought that the building should be the home of either one, some or all the supporters groups.
I’m a member of ISSA , but personally it would make sense if they were based at the ground and yes I do appreciate the help and support that the Railway club has given.

Given the clubs perceived attitude to ISSA that would be a non-starter.


With the plans the owners have, no chance they’ll let anyone else run it as it takes away from the owners profits.


Have the club said that they are looking for someone to run it separately to the bars etc in the stadium?

I would have thought that they will want to have control of the place given the investment being made, and also not want the prices in there to be lower than in the stadium,.


Yes i suspect you are all correct, it’s just how my simplistic mind works.
Ideal world and all that.

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Regards the investment costs the offset would be none or little running costs incurred by the club ,
As you say though"pie in the sky"

Can’t see it being anything other than a NoFo Brewery bar. Maybe without the micro brewery attached.
The owners of NoFo are investors in Trivela so an entry to the UK market will be part of their return.
The CEO of NoFo was in the UK last week judging by social media.
If it is a NoFo and they use the same model as the U.S we can expect a membership fee of some sort which would be nice if it was included in a season ticket or at least discounted. They look good and would appeal to me but don’t think they will be offering a cheap pre match pint and a cheese and onion cob.


If it is NoFo and they don’t find a contract brewer in the UK, imagine what the cost of a pint will be having to import it from the US :grimacing::flushed:

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Are the bars and restaurant in the ground contracted to a catering company or operated directly by the club? I would imagine that whichever it is will probably apply to the SC.
Also, has the ownership of the SC changed? It used to be independent of the football club, probably why it ended up being run by those baggies goons. I remember it being part of the deal when we left the old ground.
Seems to me that it is now under the control of the football club, but I could be wrong.
I think @Pedagogue has clarified this in the past, maybe he could again.

As far as I know it’s the club’s property .
I do believe that it’s going to take something special to turn it into a well used profitable enterprise in this day and age especially given its location.
They should definitely make it the base for the Ladies football team and any other junior soccer clubs that may be interested as a base , money for old rope in kids football

Blimey… that’s worrying :see_no_evil::blush: I’d hope they’ll at least have an add black pudding option on the cob

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Operating on club property would comprimise the ‘independent’ part of the name I think, as however well-intentioned ISSA went into such a venture, the club would then indirectly have an influence with regards to rent and lease conditions.

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As far as I am aware, control of the Saddlers Club eventually passed from the old Supporters Club to B****r and was included in the lease of Bescot Stadium. It is therefore part and parcel of WFC as are the bars in the ground. I don’t think that these licensed bars have been franchised out to anyone else and are, therefore, run directly by the club.


So, how’s the refurbishment going?

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Have we moved in yet?

Its now part of the Stadium sharing scheme with Drogheda, heard the plan from Benny boy himself


Ah, so that’s why your in Taranaki, you’re checking out Taranaki Rams* as the third team in the stable.

*No I don’t know if this is what the local side is called, or even if there is one. Could be rugby only down there.

You’ve only been partially correctly informed.

We’re actually merging with Drogheda - we’ll be known as Drogsall United Town Swifts, and our new home will be on a former oil tanker in the Irish Sea (affectionately nicknamed The Floater).

Bescot and Weavers Park will be sold off in a multi-billion pound deal, with all proceeds going straight into an offshore pension fund.


They read this site, don’t give them any ideas!!

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It’s opening on a test basis for the Crewe and Wrexham games
“ The Locker “

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