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We need one. The trains thread taught me a lot, thanks to those who contributed i have learned a lot that will save me money. Confronted today with needing to getting a new phone, hours getting automated responses until my ex said get on this search for phone deals website. I got on and low and behold a human from EE called me to try to persuade me not to change. It’s a minefield, wish i had just gone to a shop and got them to sort it.

What age group classes us as old farts ? , Just of of interest :rofl:

Don’t worry you qualify :joy: :wink:

I have always tried ebay, just look for the phone you want and make sure it is unlocked, so that you can use any provider.

Being an old fart, do you look for a phone with A and B buttons? :rofl:


The younger fans on here might need you to explain what a shop is.

That’s nothing.
I’ve heard Pedagogue is still communicating by semaphore. :sweat_smile:

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… / - .-. -.-- / .- -. -… / …- … . / - … . / .-… .- - . … - / -.-. …- - - … -. --. / . -… --. . / - . -.-. … -. — .-… — --. -.–

I try and use the latest cutting edge technology


I’m 37 but been watching the Saddlers for 34 years am I in?! :joy:

You sound like you have been traumatised by the Saddlers from an early age so you qualify

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Possibly you are a young, heading for middle-aged fart?

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Worth trying Mobile Phones Direct ( think it’s a branch of some big white goods company) . They have some decent deals on their website for phones, Sims and both. Just changed my O2 phone and tariff with them and it’s better than what O2 were offering directly as well.

I’m a old fart as I use 2 hands to text.

What’s texting?

Nah, that’s obsolete technology. Jungle drums are the way forward!

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Way more reliable than smoke signals, especially when it’s dark, or raining.