Saddlers Stories for an upcoming project

Looking for Saddlers stories for a new project answering the following 3 ?’s:

  1. When (game or moment) and what made you fall in love with the Saddlers?

  2. Unable to support the team in person for 12 months because of the pandemic, what have you missed most about matchdays?

  3. Beyond the football, what makes a brilliant matchday at Bescot and how does it make you feel?

Please send you submission to [email protected] and leave your name and contact details on there too please.


Each game is a project


This is open for submissions until June.

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In answer to question 2. For those of us who live too far away to attend every week, then this season has been a strange blessing. I live in Northern Ireland and get to about 5 / 6 games a season, but this season I haven’t missed one. In previous seasons I-Follow has treated people in Northern Ireland as if they live in Walsall and we couldn’t watch the games live even though I have to drive 100 miles to an airport, catch a flight to Birmingham Airport and a train to Bescot Station to get to the game.

So it has been great to watch every game, it has annoyed my wife, and I’ve suffered almost every week. I do hope that when lockdown is over that i-follow will continue with live coverage for all games, even if it means buying a Walsall season ticket or match day prices.


Try buying a season pass and then install a VPN. I’ve done that for the last 2 seasons and can watch when I’m in Spain or in The U.K.

I’d prefer to buy a club season ticket and use it when I’m across and watch when I’m at home.

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Good call. I’d do that if it was available. I wonder if it is something the club could grant or if it is controlled by the EFL / ifollow?

Just out of interest @enniskillen were you able to buy a season’s pass from NI or do you have to pay the £10 a game? I ask because although I live in Yorkshire, I signed up to i-Follow when I was on holiday in Newcastle Co. Down in September, and got a seasons pass and am charged $31.20 US dollars per month. Is this a standard deal in NI?

@cookyskid I think your deal is because you signed on via a VPN so i-follow thinks you are logging in from USA.
I bought a club season ticket this season which gives me ‘free’ access to home games. I then pay £10 for each away game.

Thanks. Must have been the wi-fi at our holiday let I guess (I am fairly IT illiterate). I certainly didn’t get a cheap deal deliberately!