Saddlers Walking for Acorns Children's Hospice

I totally forgot how close this actually is now. June 3rd is the final date we’ve come to, and that is the date this walk will take place.

In 2021, myself, my friend Lewis, @TheBostedSlab and @SaddlerSteve started from Acorns Hospice Walsall walking to Worcester, then Selly Oak, and back to Walsall in 29 hours, 15 minutes and 11 seconds, with our time limit being 30 hours maximum. This time included stopping at the hospices and various stops along the way to repair aching feet, injuries and toilet stops etc.

Fast forward to 2023 and the four of us, plus @Saddler_andy will be completing the same walk, but with a 24 hour clock in operation. We will need to cover the same distance in 6 hours less, including stops at the hospices and breaks etc. The clock doesn’t stop.

This will be the toughest thing I think any of us have ever tried to do, bearing in mind doing it within 30 hours was tough enough! Sleep deprivation, weather, dark, injuries, mental blocks - they all come into play during this walk.

I know time are tough for everyone with the cost of living crisis and other things happening at the moment, but if anyone on here is able to spare anything to donate towards Acorns that would be fantastic and very much appreciated.

The JustGiving link is above, and there is a poster attached below that will have a QR code people can scan to take them to the donation page too - if anyone can print this off and post it up around work or pass on to friends and family that would be amazing.

Thank you everyone,



Just hit over £700 - a long way to go!

Cheers @hullsaddler


Thanks @Peel85

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Good luck mate, thats some challenge you’ve set yourself.


Shared link on my FB mate, doubt it will make a huge difference but you never know and as someone who has to try and fund raise very day (for the ferals rescue) I know every £ helps :+1:


Thank you mate that’s great. Anything is appreciated from anyone, anywhere!


Thank to those who have donated up to now, past £800 and looking at a strong total before we set off.

Aiming for £5000 which is a big ask, but please share it around anyone and everyone you know. :pray:

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