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I know the arguments for and against have been done in plenty of detail on the Sadler out thread but just intrigued as a straw poll what proportion of the fans on this board at least are Sadler In/Out. Appreciate it may not be as binary, you may be Sadler in but sack him if we lose to Alfreton but as of the day you view this poll if you were in Trivela’s shoes would you retain or fire Sadler?

As per my limited understanding of the structure, firing a head coach would have a limited impact, especially when compared to the firing of a bona fide manager. The overall system will still be in place, it’ll just be someone else picking the formation, team, and substitutes on the day. Is that really the root of our problems? I’m not sure. If there were a ‘go back in time and re-think the strategy’ option, I’d vote for that. As we stand here and now, I’ll have to abstain.

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Still IN, but if I found out he’d been sacked tomorrow I wouldn’t complain.

If we don’t pick up some decent results before Jan it’s probably time to go.


He has shown no improvement in results and team selection, keeps making the same basic mistakes when it is blindingly obvious where he is going wrong
Puts his ego before picking one of his best assets.
It will soon be too late to do ANYTHING about where we are in the league if we don’t get someone more experienced in to salvage our league status :wave: :wave:


Is it “blindingly obvious” though? I am not sure about that.What team would you play?


I would play DJ up front WITH Draper for a start, especially at home



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I agree exactly with that, I don’t think keep sacking managers is the way forward but it can only go on for so long. We’re in the fourth division there’s no backstop between us and non league at this level.


I just think it’s pointless as of today. Pointless appointment.

I do think the question changes if in 3 games time we are 19/20th. Then his position is untenable. He’s really at the last chance saloon with Barrow County and Tranmere.


For the record I’m still IN and I’m giving him until early January to at least show some pointers we are turning the ship around, it’s a tough run so I don’t know how realistic it is to claw back a significant number of points to the play-offs but I don’t want that gap to the bottom 2 getting any smaller.

A couple of big frustrations I have with Sadler that in this period I want addressing:

Tempo - particularly at the beginning of games, we were promised ‘front foot football’ with that in mind, especially at home games you would expect us to start at a decent tempo and to attack the opposition, the amount of games we start slowly and concede early goals is alarming, and if you get off to a slow ponderous start it’s difficult within the game to get into a rhythm and increase the tempo.

Consistency of selection and tactics - I have no idea what Sadlers best team is, I ‘think’ his preferred formation is 3-5-2/3-4-3 given we played that way all through pre-season and the loss of the Priest and Hussey have been cruel blows he wouldn’t have foreseen forcing his hand into 4 at the back. Looking back at our best results and performances this season for me were Stockport & Gillingham at home and Bradford & Crewe away. In two of those games we played 3 at the back and DJ/Draper as a two up top and in two we played four at the back with Draper lone up top supported by Tierney and Hutch. I do think in all of those performances we had Oteh playing or as an impact sub and he has been a big miss. Overall though I really want to see a clear identity and style of play and his best 11 out there for a run of games to develop combinations and relationships across the pitch.

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“You just watch the sly sod prove us wrong now!” is not one of the phrases i think i will be using in a hurry :smile: :wink:

OUT … all day long. We have gone backwards in every respect under his stewardship. A non motivator, non inspirer, non event individual with an ego bigger than anything we have seen before. We simply cannot afford to wait until January with an FA Cup banana skin and 5 out of the next 7 league games against Top 7 sides on current form we could have no more than 5 or 6 points form next 21 and be in the bottom 3


He’s got to go for me, not his fault he shouldn’t have been given the job to start with.


Out for me because he refuses to play DJ from the start despite us not scoring and our league position is no better than previous seasons.


Out for me.

People talk about improvements but I don’t see them, they talk about a young side being put together from last season, so you would expect to see some progression as they develop individually and together, but we appear to be going backwards. It’s not as if he was fresh faced to the club either, he had seen everything behind the scenes last season so had all the information.

It would be unfair to say he has been a disaster, we haven’t plumbed those depths (yet!), he just wasn’t the right man for the job at this time. Don’t blame him for taking to opportunity, anyone would.


Ah, the sweet symphony of skepticism, it’s almost as predictable as our current form. But let’s sprinkle a bit of absurdly optimistic seasoning on this rather bland dish of realism, shall we?

Going backwards? Oh, come now. We’re not so much going backwards as we are engaging in a complex tactical dance, choreographed by the inimitable Maestro Sadler. It’s an avant-garde performance, misunderstood by many. Each game is less a match and more an abstract expressionist painting – you just need to squint a bit to see the beauty.

Our young team, bless them, are indeed a work in progress. Think of them as novice alchemists, trying to turn lead into gold, but currently managing to turn it into a slightly shinier lead. It’s progress of a kind, isn’t it? And let’s be honest, who among us hasn’t taken a little longer than expected to find our feet? I mean, I’m still trying to figure out how to program my TV remote.

As for Sadler, our fearless leader, calling him ‘not the right man’ is like saying Shakespeare wasn’t the right man for a bit of light poetry. Sadler isn’t just a manager; he’s a visionary, a football philosopher, a pioneer on a journey through the wilderness of League Two. Sure, the promised land seems a bit further away than we’d all like, but remember, even Columbus got lost.

And yes, let’s address the elephant in the room – our beloved fans. Your passion is the wind in our sails, but sometimes, it feels like we’re sailing through a hurricane. A bit of calm wouldn’t go amiss. Maybe it’s not just the players who need a bit of development; maybe we all do.

In conclusion, I say let’s buckle up and keep riding this rollercoaster. It’s got more ups and downs than a soap opera, and who doesn’t love a bit of drama? Sadler’s at the helm, and I, for one, am curious to see where this wild ride takes us – hopefully, towards a future where we reminisce about these days with a chuckle and a shake of the head.

I’m Walsall Til I Die and will return in future to charge glasses in honour of the mighty MatSad.


Still believe their is a manager in there , at the moment the bounce is not going his way.

I only see the games on ifollow but it’s a better watch than Flynn ball , we are more than a hit 8 miles high and hope.

Not sure on this identity, I think earlier in the season there was shape to the side but with the injuries at the back that was lost .

It’s the defence which has been the biggest issue with dumb mistakes and Evans has had a couple of shockers which have cost us points . Throw on top of that Knowles decline and perhaps it arguable things are going backwards under Sadler.

However for now I’ll go with the bounce of the ball or rub of the green whatever you want to call it and in this division it all changes very quickly.

Swindon more likely to go down than us despite current position and one from Sutton,Tranmere, Doncaster and Grimsby

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I might do that too but I am not sure that is the answer. We have played our best with McEntee, Stirk and Hutchinson in midfield and Tierney in the 10 role. We are badly missing the latter who I hope we sign in January. Draper has done well for a young player and his goal scoring record is good. Oteh is a big miss but at least now we have Maher available.
At the back we badly need a settled 3 or 4 which injuries have stopped us having so far but when all are fit we should be ok.


Only because I don’t think it’s fair to expect a new manager with limited experience to get it all right in one transfer window, he got the first wrong, badly wrong in some positions, but as I said before it doesn’t sit right with me just binning someone off with no experience after one window, or what is the point in ever appointing someone with no experience as they rarely get it all right.

What if he gets the window wrong again? Fair point, but no guarantees a new manager would come in and have the impact we need and get the January window right either.

But like @milansaddler said, if he was sacked tomorrow I wouldn’t complain and I’d totally understand.


I mean you are just making it up at this point. I’m not questioning that Oteh isn’t a decent player but how often did he pick him when he was available?

The manager’s job is to solve these problems, all teams have injuries.

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