Sadler in!

Just for a a bit of balance I thought I’d start a Sadler in topic, there are over 4,000 posts on the Sadler out topic. I think he at least has earned the right to start next season as the Walsall manager. He and Trivela seem to have the same philosophy of getting a stable squad and hopefully starting next season in a position we haven’t had for many years where we don’t have wholesale changes and all the instability that brings.


Can we start a Sadler ‘Shake it all About’ thread?


Just trying to be balanced :wink:

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Go on then. Im in a relaxed mood. Sadler in whilst under review until the end of the season. With immediate effect though team management and substitutions need to have a positive performance effect and not throw life lines to the opposition. Grrrrrr!

Laura won Sid chucked him OUT :wink:

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I think the thread was renamed a few times.

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Sadler is already in, so a bit late for that really. He isn’t going anywhere unless we have a serious collapse, which I don’t see happening.

Not sure about the stability though. It is good if the players and manager are good enough, right? We didn’t have a huge overhaul from last season really and the gaps have mostly been filled in with loan signings. We started yesterday with 2 new loan signings playing upfront. I get the point you are making and I’m not trying to argue for the sake of it, but there is still a hell of a lot of work to be done well in the summer for us to be genuine promotion candidates, which should be the expectation in my opinion.


No point going on about “building a side” etc if you aren’t gonna give the guy a seasons crack at it.

Sadler frustrates the life out of me but there’s no point changing managers now anyway. Unfortunately i don’t think Sadler is ever gonna shake off his unlikeable tag.


If we had a 2012 smith out thread after his 15+ game winless streak, and walsall had got rid. There would have been no Wembley, no near miss, no smithball which was outstanding to watch which took 2/3/4 year to develop. So even though im not a massive fan of sadler, i’d still prefer us to keep him see if he can develop the team and himself. You never know, could be the next big thing

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UTS is now a segregated state. Mods to go through the 4,000 posts on the Saddler Out threat and transfer all posts arguing in his favour to this thread.:grin:

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Tbf their are a couple of posters who need segregating from the rest of us. Give them their own separate chat to ramble on

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Usually home and away fans that need segregrating.

Guess we’re just ahead of the curve🤣

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The most staggering thing about this was that someone had the footballing insight and foresight to consider Hutchinson and Comley should be in the “wtf” catagory alongside Abraham’s, DJT and Cashman :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Proven to be pretty clueless in that respect :rofl::rofl:


No real need for this thread as he ain’t going anywhere yet whatever folk on here think. We do need stability and I am encouraged by the team building over past few months but Trivela need to find the money for at least 2 quality permanent forwards for next season. If we get them Sadler will surely get until Christmas to show how well he can do with a decent squad.


Like many I was in the verge of Sadler out before the Notts game.

What I like about Sadler:

His relentless positivity.
The players seem to like, respect and play for him.
Overall I like the team of him Waddock and Byfield and how theyre working with Trivela.

Compare him to some of the other candidates from last summer and Flynn and I think he comes out well.

There’s a few things that still frustrate me but I hope he’s there at the end of the season.