Salford Away Travel

Checked with ISSA and the Travel Section and both lots of coaches are sold out. How’s everyone else planning on getting there who’s not on the coaches? My only options atm are national express coach from brum into manny or train which more expensive and unreliable.

Issa definitely have seats available mate


You wouldn’t happen to have 8 would you mate?

what’s the coach fare ?

£17 per seat

If (and it is still a big IF) England top their group AND win the knock-out against the runners-up in Group B, our QF game will be at 7pm on the day of our game at Salford.

The coach drivers will need to put their foot down or arrange a stop somewhere, or else some will miss at least part of that game.

Locko prob got some seats still drop him a text

Got it sorted with ISSA now thanks mate but Locko was fully booked

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