Salford City (A) December 26th, 3pm

Or even Greg Halford :joy::joy:

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We could go there via Telford.

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I’m sure you could squeeze in press stud somehow.

Read today that mcdonald’s a doubt for Saturday, with no jules nurse or ccm will leave us very weak on left side. Very worrying especially with the busy schedule coming up.

Didn’t Osadebe make a decent hash of it playing on the left for part of the Mansfield game? He might not be quite as good as Wes going forward (although remember that run down the left he made at Barrow), but he’s far better defensively.

The big question would be who to play at LB behind him? If Nurse, CCM and Jules are all definitely out, you are left with either Sadler (as that used to be his main position - back in the day it has to be said), or Norman, White or Clarke playing out of their usual position (they have all filled in there).

Or … Sadler plays on the left of a back 3 with Osadebe and Norman/White being on wingback duty and an extra man in midfield as cover?

Then again, with Tinkernan’s mix-and-match philosophy it could just as likely be Roberts back in goal and Rose on the left wing … :joy:

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352 for me if wes is out, I know alot of our fans won’t like it but looks like clarke will be forced to tinker with the team,



Norman kinsella holden osadabe White

           Scrimshaw adebayo

2-0 win let’s get one over on these football teams who try and buy success I so want these bastards to fail.


3.1 win and no queues for the portaloos behind the away end.

In keegans famous words ‘ I will love it absolutely love it if we beat them ‘ . Dirty overspending ■■■■■■■.


Scunthorpe match thread not up yet - but warning everyone that Trevor Kettle is ref for that game.

Happy Christmas, by the way.

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Always an element of controversy when he refs us.

I’m steaming on hearing that


I am boiling…


I have just taken to pot

Bloody Kettle, the trouble with him is he’s always whistling.

He will be in his element

The scale never falls from his eyes.

Tempers already beginning to boil…

Our players will have to watch themselves with him or else they could end up in hot water.

Let’s hope Mr Pot isn’t in attendance also, or he might get into a spot of bother if he starts name calling :rofl: