Salford Game

Depends where we are in the League by then.

Apparently it’s on the Blue Light site now…


Would love to fill it.

If we assume Salford will be given around 250 seats plus around 200 for segregation, a full house would mean the biggest Walsall home turnout since we moved to the Bescot and the biggest by my reckoning since the Watford cup replay.

That would be some achievement regardless of where we are in the league.


I’m not sure if they were planning this anyway but I actually emailed the club suggesting this for some home games where we’re expecting a low away following.

Either way I’m glad the club are on the same page. Clubs up and down the country have home fans behind both goals and feel like we’ve been missing a trick with this. That extra 1% we give them could be the difference, even being able to be more vocal down that end appealing for decisions- let’s be honest some of the refs we have don’t need much swaying :sweat_smile:

I love the big stand but in terms of making an atmosphere, it’s challenging at best. The acoustics are poor and it only really gets going if the upper and the lower are in harmony.

MS and the players have been mentioning how important the fans have been recently so it’s clearly helping. Having even 200 home fans in the away end with the low roof could make a significant difference.

I spoke to the ticket office today and they’re more than happy to transfer season tickets to the away end and I’d encourage as many of you as possible to do so!

Let’s give the players as much support as possible for these last games and get us over the line! UTS


Looking at the seat map for this game we’ve not sold many extras and looks like just 4 (four) sold in the away end, with only the middle two blocks available.

Sold more than what Salford would have :grinning:


I haven’t moved mine across yet and a few I’ve spoke to have said they’ll be doing it! Still a while to go so I’d imagine most people will do it a bit nearer the time or even on the day.

Is anyone on here thinking of doing it out of interest?

It’s closer to the Locker than the other stands if anyone is in there pre-match.

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10 sold now old pal

Are they coming on a tandem?

No further sales in the usual away end for the Salford game, still 10 tickets sold.

A good weeks sales to go but looking unlikely we will be selling out for Salford despite the excellent ticket offers in place. Still good availability in all areas, particularly the usual away end. Hopefully sales will pick up pace this week and further on the back of a positive result on Friday.


It’s a shame tht some of the wind has been taken out of our sails in recent weeks result-wise.

Also, I think we’d have to literally give tickets away to fill 11,000 seats with Walsall fans. And whilst the offers are good, they aren’t that good.


If they were serious about wanting to fill the stadium and attract some of the long lost ex fans back .it should have been a one off no strings attached (members season tickets ) offer open to everyone .£10 adults and £5 under 18 teens .


Our ceiling is 6,000 + , anything above that would mean a big away following, we’re not as bad as Salford, but basically we are a 3rd tier club. Even when we were promoted to division 1/championship under Ramsden 6,000 was the best we could expect unless we were playing a team with a big away following.

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As others have mentioned I don’t think cheap tickets is enough to sell out. Even if they did £5 tickets for everyone we’d still only get around 7k max.

I actually think it’s quite clever from the club to target lots of different categories as I feel the personalised approach may make these people feel like they’re getting a better deal.

NHS workers probably wouldn’t have bothered at all but there’s more chance a few might take the club up on the offer as it applies directly to them.

Still early days and there will be a lot of people paying on the day but I’m personally disappointed with the low numbers so far- especially in the away end.

I’ll still be in there cheering on the lads, would be nice if a few more could get in there though. Even Barrow made a bit of noise with their low following in the last game.

I just hope the club don’t give up on having home fans behind both goals as I genuinely feel it’s important and will help the team and the match day experience/atmosphere.

The ticket office were really helpful and swapped my season tickets over in a couple mins. Anyone worried about going in there on their own I’d be happy to have a pint in the locker before the game with you and cheer on the lads!


Wasn’t Doncaster, last game of last season, a fiver to get in? Crowd of 7,100 I think.

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Agree with most of that but one of those categories to target and quite a large one from my own knowledge is ex fans who gave up in the last 10years .surely with the improvement in style of play and league position under new owners Trivela and management and early bird season ticket offers this would have been an ideal time to try and attract some of that lost support back .in a very important game. And try and enthuse them again .think you have a better chance of getting them back on a regular basis than some of the others you mention on maybe a one off game .i don’t think as you say we’re are going to fill the stadium but maybe 500 ex saddler fans ( once a saddler always a saddler) back and tempted again I think we ought to be giving that a go .


All depends on whether we have that data. Would the club be able to get hold of that and easily spot the fans that have suddenly stopped going?

I’m guessing everyone on the mailing list from buying tickets in recent years would’ve been messaged about this game and other offers.

It’s also been a debate for years in regards to stayaways. And the big thing was always Bonser being the barrier. I’m not convinced the attendances have been that much better since he’s been gone however it’s all relative and tricky to gauge considering how bad we’ve been the last 5 years so that would be a factor.

Ultimately though you’re right and we need to try and tap into old fans/less regular fans and trying to get youngsters on board before they get lead astray to the Vile or the dingles :sweat_smile:

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Not forgetting of course many people will be away on their Easter hols.

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