Salford - Lift Required

Is there anyone driving up to the game from the Telford area who has a spare seat in the car?

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I’ve sent you a text

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Thanks mate - have replied.

I think @LucasB has sorted me thanks mate, but really appreciate the offer.

I’ve got a bout of sciatica in my clutch leg and don’t want to risk it.

Thanks again,


EDIT: Was meant to be a DM to @Motty :see_no_evil:


Next time you swap vehicles try an automatic, Ive had them for 30 years now and wouldnt consider going back to manual. The last manual I had was a VWGolf GTI and was having knee problems with the clutch and lower back pain as well with it. I swapped it for an autobox car and seriously never looked back

I think they are safer too, instead of using left hand to change gear its on the wheel and no syncronising your left foot with your left hand to change gear…on an auto put it in drive mode…and just drive

I find it a more relaxing drive and less stressful


One way of looking at it. I have an ‘everyday’ Opel Mokka SRi which is auto and has all the whistles and bells, and a Fiesta ST in manual which has nothing like that.

I know which one puts a bigger smile on my face when I drive it, and it ain’t the auto. Guess I’m old-fashioned!


I know exactly what you mean - I love “driving” rather than just steering, and automatics feel to me like being in a milk float or a dodgem, but the last couple of weeks I’ve been wishing I had one to make life a bit more comfortable.

I’m still a bit sore and can’t walk very far unaided, but it’s improved a lot and I can now handle driving my manual (gone from not even being able to stand up the day after Colchester, to 2 crutches at Salford, and just 1 last week at Swindon - hoping that I can do without any at all tomorrow).

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