Ticket allocation 1085 sold out. More are available. (on the day)


Great response. I will be there. UTS.

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Yes another 250 tickets available only on the day. Cash at turnstile.
Should be a good day out!!


In our worst season in decades our support has been first class. :clap:


That is an immense response from fans. Hope the team show the same effort as the fans on Saturday!


I am trying to persuade @chriss5471 to go. I’m at work but could make it in time.

Not surprised really we have more chance of a win away from home cracking support :+1:t2:

A few of us going up on the train and having a day on the ■■■■ in Manchester before the game. Gonna be a great day. Credit to everyone wanting to go to this considering we’re not exactly great. Hope they repay us with a nice win.


Going up on the train too have a few beers in Manchester

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Do you think if we taped Gaffneys arms and legs we could leave him under the changing room bench in the home dressing room …:grinning:


If he goes back before Saturday whats the betting he comes on and scores against us?

Nil. Zero. Never.


Cant wait already tbf Dan

We booked hotel in Manc for night and will be up there early for the beers, drop me message where you land off train!

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I am going on the train. Then getting a bus from near Vic station. Not been before but i think i have my journey planned ok.

We can still muster an amazing following!! Not many in this division would be able to pull in that kind of following for a league game.

Just shows the support is still there


I will make this game, just hope that the Orient result is not another Carlisle!
Just a note of warning for those driving up there, obviously for the first time…
The ground is no where near Salford, in fact it is only a few yards the other side of the Bury boundary.
M62 east (for some odd reason they call it the M60 until the M66 junction, go figure?) come off at junction 17, turn right heading towards Manchester on the A56 (Bury New Road), turn right on to Moor Lane after about a mile or so.

Cheltenham tickets went on sale today, should take 1k for that one aswell.

I agree the support has been pretty good on the whole this season considering the shower of s*** out there on the pitch for most of it.

An actual good season and the levels home and away would be really good I reckon.


That’s what frustrates me the most . We have had great support home and away . We are in a poor league and at the start of the season we were a lot more attractive to a decent player looking for a new club to come to.
Pomlett missed out on the wave of optimism and opportunity as a little more spent would have seen us at least top 10 as I have not seen a good team in this league to date. His plea for 5k at home would have come true and not been unrealistic.

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I think it has been ■■■■■■■ amazing to be honest, i know i have seen it all before over the last 50 years, but i gave up after about 6 games this season

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Are there any tickets still available for Salford? Wouldn’t mind spending a night on Salford quays