Just noticed West brom interested in sawyers could be a nice potential windfall for transfers🤔

Left on a free out of contract, so there will unfortunately be no sell on clause for us to benefit from.

Why would they want him? Lazy!!!

Jokes. I still love Sawyers.


Just goes to show how well our development system USED to work, we had him off them :grin:

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Just shows the remarkable lack football knowledge and understanding of the game of some of the people on here , a lot of them didn’t have a good word for him for whatever reason .
Any one with even a basic understanding of the game could see he is quality and is now probably in the top 5 championship midfielders ,
But obviously was not good enough for Walsall !

Just been to collect my tickets for Villa game and seen Darren Moore outside talking to someone looked all official to me :thinking:

Doncaster manager now - Ferrier or Dobson interest maybe?


My thoughts exactly

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We can only hope because I think they probably wouldn’t get any slack from our unforgiving fan base now as it’s gone on and on , plus it’ll be a done deal one way or another , and the fees need putting together to sign a proven striker

It’s Jeff I feel sorry for.


Sawyers was a good player, who on his day was as good a player as any in League 1. But: where was he in both play-off games against Barnsley, or against Bristol City at Wembley? He underperformed when it really mattered. I wish him well if he goes back to the Albion but I think he might struggle.

Thought Sawyers was a class act. Yes at times could drop out of a game but always looked for the ball, was far too cultured for most of his team mates and has shown that he is at least good enough for top half championship team. With quality around him , I think he will do well.
Loved watching him in a Walsall shirt.


Sawyers is a top lad and a superb footballer and we were lucky to have him.


Can’t believe people are still doubting his ability. He’s established as a key player in a solid Championship team, who has also managed to adapt his game to a number of different midfield positions. Natural progression now is to a top end Championship club, and I’m sure he’ll feature heavily once again.

The bloke just oozes class.


I agree he didn’t have the best of games in either match , the Barnsley game was down to woefully weak defending ( Downing ) and he suffered at Wembley mainly down to Smith’s gamble on unfit players , however none of that excuses the sometimes awful stick he received from so called fans

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I’m surprised, that Baggies want to buy him, not Villa. I thought he wants to play with ‘his manager’, but well, doesn’t matter much now. Still, I’d like to see him in Premier League.

Will always remember the dummy he sold a Doncaster defender cutting in from the corner flag, in the build up to a goal there. Sublime.


Agreed, most of the time he never really did for US though did he, when you look at his performances for Brentford some of his through balls were just sublime. Shame he couldn’t have shone in a Walsall shirt more often, hence the derision on occasions.

Just seen Dobson at Bescot Morrison’s aswell - well about half 6 ish

Looking mightily annoyed

Flip Flops and shorts

What other reason would he be there at this time of a night

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I always enjoyed watching Sawyers play and thought he was a cut above anything around him and argued his corner with family and friends, but he left to play elsewhere, which I don’t blame him, so personally I couldn’t give a ■■■■ where he ends up, he’s yesterday’s news regarding WFC and have no real interest in his future!

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