Scunthorpe United (H) Jan 12th, 3pm


37 seconds on Quest


Devlin doesn’t get as much stick as Leahy because he talks to people on social media bit.

He’s absolutely useless and will be gone in the summer.


Both (Devlin and Leahy) can offer something going forward, but offer little in defensive play. But both are wingbacks, so I can understand it and accept it. I don’t think it is a big problem, cause few months and both will gone. I don’t think they will get an extension, no matter who will be head-coach. Maybe when Whitney returns, but that’s impossible. Today Devlin probably tried to encourage crowd a little (iirc, even commentators told, atmosphere is quite flat), there were moments after this goal it looked like WFC will score again soon, but next goal killed the game and probably all in the technical area. Hence it took so long to make change.


Rather emotional, irrational reaction for a scientist? :smile:

Having seen the clip, I don’t think there’s any negative intent in ‘cup-gate’ at all, especially as he runs up to the fans. Apparently seems fair game in the rarified atmos at the club at present though.


Just about to post this.

Look who plays their player onside - yet again, it’s Devlin.

I don’t understand how people cannot see how useless he is.


To further clarify - whilst he is involved AGAIN in conceding a goal.

I imagine liability Luke is out of position out of screenshot, Guthrie is also in no mans land.

Shocking. Was Devlin cupping his hands after that piece of defending I wonder? :thinking:


Actually after watching it again - I’m putting the primary blame on that goal to Devlin.

Look at this position here - he’s behind our defensive line even when their midfielder has the ball before he puts the pass in a further phase of play. It’s not that he was playing their forward on side in the phase before he was put through - he was out of position and playing the cap onside two phases before.

THIS is the type of thing I have been rattling on about all season, any people don’t see - I guess because majority are behind the goal.

This is abysmal defending.


Of course you are. Let’s just ignore for a moment that the ball is played into Osbournes man who just ■■■■■■■ stands there as per usual and that causes Conor Johnson and Guthrie to start chasing shadows and failing, completely destroying the defensive line which caused Devlin to be playing people on in the first place.

As for Liability Luke I imagine he’s not in your picture because the camera is focused on the the right side of the pitch and he’s the left back. Just a guess like.


When does an obsession become a problem for someone?

The problem I see in that photo is their player in the hole who is completely unmarked, nobody near him. If I recall correctly, he is the player who receives the ball and plays the pass in to the scorer, still without challenge.

The problem,again, isn’t an individual. The problem is our whole defensive set up and players clearly not understanding their role in that. We appear incredibly narrow in that photo. Am I right in think all four defenders are squeezed between the edges of the D?


Some more selective reading I see?


Nah word for word mate.


I think you missed the sentence about liability Luke and Guthrie being out of position.

They will all be gone in the summer anyway :slight_smile:


Think I addressed Liability Luke directly. And the fact that you blamed Devlin overall (of course).

Although to be fair it is hard to know which one of your breathless “it’s all the full backs fault!” Cryfests I’m addressing at any given time.

Maybe it’s not me doing selective reading :hugs:


But I missed the bit about Osbourne and Edwards,about Ismail being way out wide somewhere leaving a huge gap in to Devlin, about the whole defensive “tactics” which see us so narrow but still with men free for them.


The goal happened because they had someone between the lines. This means Johnson has 2 options. Close the guy with the ball down or stand off and present an opportunity to shoot. Would have preferred the latter. But he’s left his man and also because of his movement towards the ball created the space for the run and pass. Devlin has had to react in a slit second to pick up Johnson’s man. You can’t really blame Johnson for this as I say, once again the opposition team have got a player between the banks of 4 and it’s caused all kinds of havoc. Once again it’s a failure in the system


It’s Keates fault. Osbourne leaves his man between the lines and literally just stands and watches him, which gives Johnson the decision to make in the first place.

But the truth is Osbourne shouldn’t have been on the pitch in the first place. No reason to drop Kinsella and that position is exactly where he had excelled all season.


Absolutely agree.

I think people are missing the point of my posts. Devlin and Leahy were apparnrly absolved of any blame for anything a few months ago - to which I was aghast.

I’m just pointing out how awful they are.

Of course it’s the system, midfield, centre halves etc that contribute to our defensive problems. I’m just trying to show how those two, in particular, shouldn’t receive the praise they’ve been getting for their attacking play.

There were massive gaps between each phase of play yesterday - Keates was shouting ‘close the gaps’ constantly.

Hopefully we get in a bit of nous and mobility into the side. I genuinely think we are going down if these incoming signings aren’t up to scratch.


Osbourne always seems so slow to react but what he did well was making forward runs which we haven’t really done with Kins and Dobbo playing. Now Edwards is back fit he read the second ball a lot today which was great. I’d love Keates to free dobbo or kins up to be box to box players. Osbourne should be nothing more than the guy you bring on when you’re winning and want to add an extra body into the midfield.


Occassionally. On the whole he’s been poor all season.

Edwards is a box to box midfielder. Him and Kinsella deserve a run.


:joy::joy::joy: ok mate.